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18 May 2011, 2:00 pm One Comment

The Goddess Files: The Art of Spanking

This post was submitted by Domina Vontana

The art of erotic spanking is not what you think it is, even if the adult receiving the spanking is dressed like a child. It’s just not that ridiculous when you’re in the midst of it. Spanking can actually be very enjoyable, sweet, sensual, as well as sadistic, erotic or directly sexual. A good spanking is like a massage for the biggest muscle in your entire body, the gluteus maximus. Spanking might come across as a joke or some very undesirable discipline scenario at first, but you shouldn’t knock it until you try it. And no I’m not talking about giving your partner a good love tap during intercourse. I’m talking about an event between two or more people where the ass cheeks are the focus.

There are two major divisions in the spanking sensation scenario: the sting and the thud. A sting focuses on the skin. A thud goes deeper, sending vibrations through the muscles and genitals. Before I knew what kink was, I stood gazing at a wall of handmade leather goods at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. The wall included a number of handled implements and whips of all lengths. The country girl in me was beginning to wonder just how much livestock the attendees at the festival would need to own in order to make use of all those tools. Then I heard the young woman seated near me turn to the young man next to her and say, “I really prefer a good sting to a thud.” Then they both turned and looked longingly at the display as he sighed in agreement. My eyes popped wide open. It was the first clue I ever had that you could use this stuff on a human being — and that they would like it.

Typically, impact play will produce a thud and sensation play will produce a sting. Impact play is any form of hitting or punching with or without an implement. Sensation play may include tickling, feathers, fingertips, ice, hot wax, or — my favorite — the vampire glove. Sensation focuses on the exposed skin areas and the sense of touch but can also include any of the other five senses.

Spanking someone is whatever you want to make of it, which is why it has such broad appeal both inside and outside the kink community. It could be to tease, to orgasm, or to bring about the endorphin rush that goes along with pain. One of the foundations of a good spanking scene is a nice, firm over-the-knee barehanded spanking. Especially appropriate for age play, I enjoy tucking the male member between my thighs in order to hold my submissive in place while he is spanked. If I’m lucky enough that the submissive happens to be female, two fingers right inside her twat are usually enough to make sure that she stays in place long enough to experience several orgasms while I spank her.

Here’s a few tips to get you started:

1. Warm up. It’s not just the bottom’s bottom that needs a good warm up. Tops in a spanking scene need to remember to prepare the wrist, hands, shoulders and arms for a good time too. Begin with light stretching to get the blood flowing and massage both hands wrist to fingertips before you get started.

2. Angle. As popular as the over-the-knee scenario is, if you can’t get a good angle, you can’t give a good, hard spanking. Spanking benches or having the bottom face-down-ass-up on the bed in front of you can all make for better angles, sensations and impact play. This is especially true if you are using a flogger or paddle or some other toy that will put distance between the top and the bottom.

3. Gloves. A pair of high quality, leather gloves. It’s a piece of protective gear any good spanker shouldn’t be without. Gloves reduce impact and protect the numerous delicate tendons and bones in the hands. If you want to change up mid scene, you can always slip them off. But having a pair handy means you are less likely to suffer from arthritis or a sprained wrist.

4. Spanking bench. If you’re serious about trying out some kinky play, including spanking, you’ll never regret getting a hold of a sturdy, sexy spanking bench. It keeps the bottom comfortable enough to go the distance and opens up the top to operate from any number of productive angles. You can order one online or build one yourself. Most I have seen were homemade jobs. Collapsible benches that can be easily tucked away are also available.

5. After care. My favorite part of a scene is the after care. After the bottoms ass is good and red and the top is good and spent, there needs to be time for clean up and snuggles. A follow up phone call the next day is also recommendable. The results of a good scene often last for days and the players need to stay in open communication during the entire experience.

A good spanking can produce any number of emotional and physical results from both the top and the bottom. Submissives may laugh, cry or call out. Sometimes a gag is a good idea so they can surrender more easily to the experience. Music is a terrific addition to a spanking scene; especially if the music has a good beat and can easily accompany the rhythmic pattern of a spanking. Just make sure the music isn’t turned turn up so loud that you can’t hear the bottoms grunts, groans and moans. Always leave a line of communication open between the top and the bottom. Hand signals, eye contact and body language can all be used to stay in touch with your partner during the action.

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