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Yes, Master: Premeditated

This post was submitted by Master Aiden

Sometimes I wonder if people think that BDSM sessioning is chaotic, that it’s just a flurry of belts and nipple clamps applied, removed, tossed against the wall, thrown to the floor, and whatever happens happens.  No proverbial map for the session, only a flow of impulses and reactions.  For some people this may be the case and it may work just fine for them.


As for me, I like to plan ahead.  That’s what suits my personality.  I enjoy customizing every single session that I have according to the specific interests of the submissive and what kind of a submissive they are.  Back when I first started off, I remember doing a double-Dom session with a newbie Dominatrix.  We had the man hooked up to the St. Andrew’s Cross so that he was facing the wall and we worked his backside with general “warm up” floggers and some good whacks with the riding crop followed by applications of the Wartenberg wheel.  After we were done with that for a while we, naturally, flipped him around and did some TT (tit torture) and CBT (cock-and-ball torture) for a while and then…..

And then what?

The Mistress and I shot a glance over at each other (thankfully the slave was blindfolded) as to say “Okay, what’s next? What do I want to do? No, what do you want to do next?”.  There was 30 minutes left to the session.  We were both having an uncreative moment and the session halted for an awkward minute or so while we decided what to do next to the submissive.  That’s lame.  You never want that to happen.  A BDSM session should be a very seamless flow of torturous, tantalizing activities that lead from one to the next to the next until the session has reached a finale (yes, a finale of some sort in some context whether physical, mental, or both) and a conclusion for the day.  It’s supposed to make the Dom/Domme seem effortlessly cool, powerful, and collected.

I force myself, before every session, to sit down for 5 or so minutes, think about the upcoming person that I’ll be working on, and then I go ahead and create a mental gameplan.  If I’m feeling stressed about it, I’ll even go so far as writing down the “set list” on a scrap of paper, taping it against the wall, and hiding it behind a flogger or something.

Time with one of my usual slaves who favors a lot of bondage and intimidation may have a paper for the session that reads:

“strip them

light abuse and slapping

shackles, face to wall, warm up flogging

boot worship

hooded cowl or blindfold

bondage chair w/TT, CBT, and hot wax

bondage table, face down: spanking, booty abuse, hot wax, ice. Bondage, bondage, bondage.  Hogtie?

sling (if we have time) foot abuse, ice, wheel, gag, e-stim

bondage glove restraints w/spreader bar, heavy whipping and flogging.”

It makes sense to me, at least.

And that would be the gameplan for that session, generally.  I don’t have to follow that verbatim; I may decide in the midst of the session to take a different route but at least that gives me a general guideline for a good, strong “story” for that slave for that day.

It is dorky.  I realize that.  I don’t do “set lists” for every session, far from it nowadays, but I definitely used to.  I know that it helped me form a sense of pacing and flow for BDSM sessions.  I thought that I’d share this with you up-and-coming Dominants in case you found that it helped map out your own plans for the sessions that you orchestrate with your partners.  It may help you avoid those “Okay, now what?” moments.

A BDSM session should be a lot of fun for the Dominant while also doing the best to address the particular interests of the individual slave and incorporating those elements in some way within the progression of the session.

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