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GetEqual: Equality Caucus?

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It’s happened again — we’ve been suckered into thinking that legislators who say they’re supportive of equality are actually supportive of LGBT equality.

Act On Principles has done an incredible research project on how many members of the Equality Caucus have actually co-sponsored the variety of pro-LGBT legislation that is pending in the House and the Senate right now. Reason would tell us that folks who are part of a Congressional Caucus (a way of organizing Members of Caucus to vote for particular pieces of legislation related to one issue area) would vote for pieces of legislation that move that issue area forward. Not so with the Equality Caucus. From Act On Principles:

Shockingly, the Equality Caucus receives a mediocre report card consisting of one A, three B’s and five F’s.

Does anyone think for a second that the NRA would tolerate people associated with their Caucus NOT voting with them on their issues? Co-sponsorship of legislation is arguably one of the most important ways that bills move forward — co-sponsorship indicates unwavering support, as well as the political capital that can be earned through voting for a bill. Bills with few co-sponsors typically don’t go anywhere — if there’s nothing to be gained politically, Members of Congress usually don’t vote for them…and co-sponsorship indicates potential political gain.

Act On Principles has done a great analysis of the co-sponsorship of these bills, so you should check that out. But everyone should also be clear that one of the chief ways that pro-LGBT legislation can get passed in this country is not being supported by our own Caucus. And that should be troubling…


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