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New York City: TNG Writing Contest Alert – “Fuck Ruben Diaz: Gay Erotica Featuring NYC’s Number One Bigot”

Event Details: TNG Writing Contest Alert - "Fuck Ruben Diaz: Gay Erotica Featuring NYC’s Number One Bigot" - :

Submission by Andrew S., TNG contributor

The New Gay NY is proud to announce the Fuck Ruben Diaz: Gay Erotica Featuring NYC’s Number One Bigot! As another legislative showdown over marriage equality brews up in Albany, what better way to commemorate this seemingly annual ritual than with a paean to the New York State Senate’s most vociferous defender of ‘traditional’ marriage (that’s one man + one woman, for those of you keeping score at home), the 32nd District’s own Ruben Diaz. In his latest piece of political theater, Diaz welcomed fellow evangelicals to the Bronx for the NOM-backed ‘Rally to Save Marriage’, scheduled (surely by coincidence) on the same Sunday as the annual AIDS Walk. Stay classy, Rubes. (Read latest on Ruben)

So all you LGBT litterateurs (and allies, of course) pick up your pens and plug in your laptops — if a fool is our theme, let satire be our song. Imagine a day in the life of the Bronx’s most prominent Pentecostal minister. Is he downtown scoring poppers? Is he rehearsing his latest screed in his bathroom mirror? Is he waking up in a tangle of hard man-bodies after a raging orgy? Don’t think you have to take the closet case angle though, feel free to put Ruben in whatever ridiculous scenario you want — think Onion headline material —  ’Ruben Diaz Sprains Ankle, Loses Faith in God’, ‘Ruben Diaz Tired of Wife’s “Meatloaf Mondays”‘, ‘Ruben Diaz Gives Impassioned Anti-Gay Speech to his Co-Op Board’, or, I don’t know, ‘Ruben Diaz in the MI6: Killing for Queen and Country’.

Authors of the best entries (read: funniest) will be invited to read their work at the Fuck Ruben Diaz Festival, scheduled for Saturday, June 11th, 8:00pm at Metropolitan bar in Brooklyn. The audience will determine, by applause or other expressions of rowdy acclaim, the top three entries, which will be published online at thenewgay.net. Authors of the top three entries will also receive delightful goodies from TNG NY.

Entries are due by June 4th and should be between 1,000 and 2,000 words. (Include phone number with entry). Email your entries by June 4th to TNGwritingcontest@gmail.com.

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  • Scott Rose said:

    NY State Senator Ruben Diaz Empowers Wife Beaters

    New York State Senator Ruben Diaz, who represents portions of the Bronx, is one of the most vile politicians in the United States today.

    Despicably, Diaz abuses his position of power to enable male domestic violence offenders. When Diaz’s friend and co-Senator Hiram Monserrate was found guilty of domestic violence, Diaz . . who gives himself also to be a “Reverend” . . . . announced that he would marry Monserrate the convicted abuser to his victim. It was a political power move, of course, with Diaz seeking to legitimize Monserrate to the State Senate .. which ultimately nonetheless expelled Monserrate for his crimes of domestic violence. Monserrate had slashed his girlfriend’s face with a glass in his Queens apartment. A building security video shows Monserrate dragging the injured and bleeding woman away from pounding desperately for help at a neighbor’s door and then yanking her away from clutching in fear at a banister and then roughhousing her out the front door of the building against her will in terror of what he might do to her next.

    Monserrate’s victim Karla Giraldo had no support from the community that might have enabled her to escape from her abuser. Here is how Monserrate coerced the victim into saying that Monserrate had slashed her face with a broken glass “by accident.” A Monserrate attorney drafted an English-language sworn statement for Karla to sign. She is not fluent in English. She was made to sign it, inside a van on Queens Boulevard. The van was full of additional Monserrate staffers. Mysteriously, Karla had her own top-notch, very expensive attorney during the prosecution of her abuser. That attorney made public statements about how Karla wanted to return to her abuser. Normally, a victim in a criminal justice case is the complaining witness and has no attorney of their own. Even where a victim is able to secure attorney services, that attorney does not participate in the prosecution. A court does not assign a government attorney to a complaining witness without funds, for example. And, Karla Giraldo did not apparently have the money to pay a top New York City attorney to represent her. Her first attorney was Glenn Marshall, who has offices at 444 Madison Avenue. Call to ask for his hourly fee. All media attempts to learn who had paid an attorney to “represent” Karla Giraldo and to make public statements saying that she wanted to return to her abuser, Senator Hiram Monserrate, came to naught. That is to say, the evidence suggests that somebody with an interest in state politics paid for Karla Giraldo to have an attorney who in truth was there to help keep the domestic violence offender Hiram Monserrate in office.

    With all of these detestable shenanigans going on, Senator Ruben Diaz came forward to say that he would marry Monserrate to his victim. Think of the message that Diaz was sending to abusers and to their victims. Diaz was saying that 1) domestic violence offenders will not be held accountable for their crimes and 2) if you are a victim, there will be no justice and no escape for you and 3) if you are a victim of domestic violence, expect from your elected officials no assistance whatsoever towards escape from your abusers. Diaz’s district has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the city.

    With that background of contempt for female victims of domestic violence, Ruben Diaz is additionally one of the most vicious anti-gay and anti-gay marriage “politician-reverends” . . . (barf, barf) . . . in the country. He inflames anti-gay bigots’ hatred of LGBT people by characterizing gay marriages as attacks on the “sanctity” of traditional marriage.

  • Scott Rose said:

    New York City Taliban Led by the Rev. Ruben Diaz

    New York State Senator Ruben Diaz has in common with the Taliban that he believes women and gays should be kept in their place, oppressed, and that government could not possibly ever be made theocratic enough.

    Proof of that can be seen in those “experts” Diaz claims as supporters of his malicious, bullying campaigns against LGBT Americans. Diaz has written: “My strong position against homosexual marriage is the very same as the positions held by rabbis, ministers, imams and priests.”

    Diaz at least could have been honest and decent enough to state that not all rabbis, ministers, imams and priests are as hateful as he is. To ask for Diaz to be honest and decent, however, is to ask way too much. With his words — which might mislead a reader to believe that all religious leaders are odious anti-gay bigots – Diaz defames those who are not. One recent year, the New York City Gay Pride Parade was headed off by numerous contingents of various religious groups – many Christian denominations, different types of Jewish congregations as well as Buddhist groups were proudly marching, declaring their acceptance of LGBT people to the world. Heterosexual Priests and Rabbis were among the marchers. Then too, the Reverend Peter J. Gomes was as enlightened and loving as Diaz is ignorant and hateful. And, though it is tedious to have to do so, I must remind that once upon a time, the Bible was used in America to justify slavery. Today, Diaz is using the Bible to justify the oppression and demonization of LGBTers.

    Additionally, the United States observes separation of church and state. Irrational religious reasoning is no justification for discriminating in law against a sexual, or any minority. Diaz does not and can not claim that his aggressive and bullying anti-gay stance is the same as positions held by psychologists, psychiatrists and human rights leaders and experts, because such people, far better educated than Diaz, have a clear-minded, sane, scientific understanding of homosexuality, not Ruben’s sociopathic one.

    In his throwback opposition to gay equality, Diaz is as obnoxiously pathetic as he is disgraceful. New York’s ex-Governors Spitzer and Paterson and the current Governor Andrew Cuomo all support gay marriage. Former Mayors Koch and Dinkins as well as Mayor Bloomberg and Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, too, favor gay equality. As Dr. Martin Luther King said: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Diaz is blocking progress towards justice, yet as monumentally heinous as he is, he will not stop LGBT New Yorkers eventually from enjoying full equality.

    I previously reported on how Reverend Diaz enables wife beaters. After Diaz’s colleague in bigotry Hiram Monserrate was convicted of domestic violence assault and then expelled from the New York State Senate, Monserrate tried for a political comeback by running for the State Assembly. Deservedly scorned for his domestic violence conviction, Monserrate grasped at straws, among which was a very strong anti-gay rights platform. In that anti-gay hate-mongering campaign, Monserrate had the enthusiastic support of Diaz as well as of an egregious religious bigot in Queens; Reverend Ricardo Reyes. Monserrate lost, because the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice.

    Ruben Diaz has preached his savage, Taliban-style contempt for LGBTers and for domestic violence victims from pulpits, including his bully pulpit as a Senator. The strange fruits of Diaz’s anti-LGBT hate are found in such hideous gangland-style hate crime attacks as this one that occurred in his borough, the Bronx. A decent human being would learn of an attack like that and if State Senator, be moved to say “This demonstrates why we must eradicate absolutely all anti-LGBT bigotry and discrimination from our society.” Ruben Diaz, leader of the New York City Taliban, said no such thing. He is, to the contrary, planning to lead a massive anti-gay rights march on May 15. Be sure to watch the disturbing video of Diaz inciting a religious mob to seething anti-gay hatred

  • Scott Rose said:

    NY State Sen Ruben Diaz: Deranged and on The War Path
    I previously reported on how New York State Senator Ruben Diaz, a “Reverend,” empowers wife-beaters and acts as head of a Taliban-like group of theocratic thugs who ride roughshod over the separation between church and state.

    The just absolutely despicable Diaz, who is too disrespectful of his fellow citizens to keep his roles of Senator and Reverend separate, is now outdoing himself in hatefulness.

    New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo is leading a campaign for marital equality, which Diaz opposes. Recently, El Diario, a Spanish-language publication serving the New York region, published an op-ed in favor of marriage equality. Diaz now is calling for his supporters to boycott El Diario. His press release on his Senate website shamelessly uses religious texts to motivate his supporters to deny civil rights to some of their fellow citizens. The text of the press release furthermore disgracefully appeals directly to Evangelicals – whereas right in Diaz’s district live Hispanic Jews, among other non-Evangelicals whose rights and interests he as a Senator properly should be protecting against any and all religious encroachments from their elected officials.

    Collateral damage in a Diaz-led boycott would be El Diario’s business. Reverend Diaz with all his feeling for Christianity would as a Senator cause a New York City area Spanish-language publication to suffer a business decline because it published an op-ed in favor of civil rights. Fighting gay rights is more important to Diaz than is supporting a publication that provides news about and to, and that helps promote the prosperity of a very community whose fortunes Diaz is supposed to be building up, not tearing down.

    Diaz additionally sent a letter written on New York Senate letterhead to Monica C. Lozano, CEO of the company that publishes El Diario. The letter is written in Diaz’s capacity as a Reverend, not a Senator. With the letter, he is attempting to intimidate Ms. Lozano out of voicing additional support for gay rights in her company’s publications. Diaz tells Lozano that he is informing her of his start-date for a boycott of her company’s publication “as a courtesy.”

    The letter is not a courtesy. It is a threat, calculated to try to intimidate a publisher out of continuing to support civil rights. Diaz is a counterfeit Senator, in his stealth role as a Reverend misappropriating New York State Senate letterhead to behave like a thug. Diaz’s letter is written exclusively from the viewpoint of anti-civil-rights Evangelicals. This is an improper, unethical use of New York State Senate letterhead, blatantly in violation of the no establishment of religion clause of the United States Constitution.

    Diaz’s call for a boycott of El Diario over its op-ed in favor of civil rights is blind hate in action. Diaz, beneath all contempt and conspicuously deranged, is unfit to serve in government.

  • Jessica Naomi said:

    Obviously YNN Albany is owned by Diaz because this is what they published http://www.capitaltonight.com/2011/05/ruben-diaz-will-wash-your-mouth-out-with-soap/
    Ruben Diaz Will Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap

    Sen. Ruben Diaz, D-Bronx, is blasting the planned “F*** Ruben Diaz Festival” to be held at a Brooklyn bar on June 11, calling it the continuation of a “vulgar” campaign against his opposition to same-sex marriage.

    The “F” in this instance is presumably the word that rhymes with “duck” and one you hear emanating from the CapTon bureau around deadline time.

    “I continue to be the target of a vulgar campaign by seething extremists who oppose my defense of New York’s marriage laws,” Diaz said in a statement.

    The full title of the event is “F*** Ruben Diaz Gay Erotica Featuring NYC’s Number One Bigot!” The link to the event is here (and, goes without saying, the page includes salty lanuage). The festival is advertised as a writing contest mocking Diaz, with suggested titles like, “‘Ruben Diaz Gives Impassioned Anti-Gay Speech to his Co-Op Board.”

    Scribes are charged to: “Imagine a day in the life of the Bronx’s most prominent Pentecostal minister. Is he downtown scoring poppers? Is he rehearsing his latest screed in his bathroom mirror? Is he waking up in a tangle of hard man-bodies after a raging orgy?”

    Diaz, one of the most outspoken opponents of same-sex marriage legalization in New York, held a rally for traditional marriage earlier this month the same day as an AIDs awareness rally in New York City, didn’t see the humor.

    It is sad to see the disrespect and irreverence that flourishes from those who have no respect for religious leaders here in New York and those who mock us as we serve our communities.

    As a Christian and as the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization, I will continue to defend the teachings of the Bible and oppose homosexual marriage. As a Member of the New York State Senate, I will continue to defend the definition of New York’s marriage laws to be between a man and a woman.

  • Todd toro said:

    It’s sad to see someone as dishonest as mr rose floating around pushing this agenda. His posts are riddled with lies. Why does he hold such contempt for religious people. Why is he so intolerant of their faith. Their not telling him to stop being gay their just trying to follow the bible they believe in. He is a hate filled bigot. Why must he impose his beliefs on others.

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