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24 March 2011, 12:00 pm 6 Comments

Not Your Average Prom Queen: What Would You Do for Love?

This post was submitted by Jean

Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built the glorious Taj Mahal in memory of his

c. WikiCommons

third wife.  It stands in Agra, India, to this day,as a symbol of everlasting love. Although fictional, we all know that Romeo and Juliet were totally down with dying for each other. People have written letters to a distant lover for years during wartime, staying faithful, hoping to reunite. Now, couples break up over kitchen remodeling, computer usage or tiny gambling addictions.

What happened to grand romantic gestures?

Aside from that astronaut who drove to Florida (wearing diapers so she wouldn’t have to stop to pee) to kidnap her boyfriend, and that guy who tried to kill President Nixon to impress Jodie Foster  - does anyone really do anything for Love anymore? Is a Grand Romantic Gesture the stuff of yore because those people who we envy for their dedication to love suffered from mental illness? Is being in love – truly in love – actually a little bit of a mental illness?

Take this quiz to find out how dedicated you are to Love.

Have you ever:

  1. Made a romantic someone a Mix-Tape/Mix-CD?
  2. Driven more than two hours to comfort him/her in time of need?
  3. Moved across country to be together (or to another country)?
  4. Cut off your own ear?
  5. Supported him/her financially?
  6. Publicly bragged about how lucky you are to have found him/her?
  7. Painted picture/written poem for him/her?
  8. Given up something that you really want or like, because he/she can’t stand it?
  9. Brought him/her breakfast in bed?
  10. Built towering monument symbolizing your love to last for all eternity?
  11. Sent flowers on birthday or V-day? (+1pt for sending for no reason at all)
  12. Surprised him/her with party including family/friends?
  13. Had his or her name/ symbol representing your true love tattooed on body?
  14. Met celebrity on your list of “Celebrities who I am totally permitted to sleep with I’ve I ever met them” and still chosen to be faithful?
  15. Taken care of him/her when he/she was sick (like really gross sick, too)?


Answer Key:

Find the number of points awarded to each question within the parenthesis. Good luck!

1 (2) / 2 (2) / 3 (3) / 4 (5) / 5 (4) / 6 (2) / 7 (2) / 8 (2) / 9 (1) / 10 (5) / 11 (1 or 2) / 12 (2) / 13 (4) / 14 (3) / 15 (2)

30-40 pts
Wow. Will Shakespeare and Nicholas Sparks would be proud; however this type of love might be considered mental illness. Please call a help line.

20-30 pts
You are definitely a keeper, and you think a lot about how to make your S.O. happy. Now, nonchalantly ask him or her to take this quiz, fully implying that you haven’t taken it yet. Find out his/her score and decide if he/she is as good to you as you are to him/her.

You are doing a pretty decent job keeping the relationship going, but you could probably step it up with a tattoo or a surprise party. I hope you don’t list “Romance” on your list of interests on Facebook. Actually, no one should list “Romance” on their list of interests on Facebook, that’s just creepy.

What’s your S.O.’s phone number? I’d like to give him/her a call and set him/her up with a friend of mine. You aren’t really cutting it.

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  • Lauren said:

    OK. My total was 15, but I am contesting it. I believe that moving across the country for your S.O. counts for way more than THREE POINTS. C’mon now. So, I hereby declare that I am a 20 and am totes a keeper. Awesome quiz-super fun!

  • Jean (author) said:

    I need to apologize to my sweetheart — I only got 12 points. I’m positive she’d do better than me…maybe I need to consider a tattoo, or at least sending some flowers…

  • Sporto said:

    17 – Not bad although I think taking care of someone when they are sick should be worth more! I already have spoken to the author about my concerns on this.

  • Amber said:

    22. I agree with Sporto – like sending flowers for no reason, there should have been a +1 or +2 for the really gross sicky.

    Great quiz. :)

  • Kate said:

    3. I got a 3?! I should break it to my S.O. that they need to find someone better. But do you have to be romantic to be a good partner? I think I’m okay, just not swooning and love-y.

  • Doctor Whom said:

    I am now officially not romantic. Then again, people describe me more as a rock of emotional stability than as the last of the red-hot lovers.