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1 March 2011, 12:00 pm 3 Comments

TV: Prepare for the Inevitable Zombiepocalypse with “The Colony”

This post was submitted by Topher Burns

(courtesy Discovery Channel)

Some people help their friends move by having packing parties, by donating boxes they have laying around the house, or by lending their truck for the day. I help my friends move by making sure they’ve got their priorities straight. “So what’s your Rage Virus plan?”  Sure it’s great that they’re getting to know their local grocer and getting accustomed to the nearby bus routes, but if they’re not preparing themselves for the day when a rampant plague summons hordes of walking dead to their doorstep, then I probably shouldn’t be wasting my time and love on someone who is for all intents and purposes just one more zombie from which I’ll need to defend myself.

Originally borrowed when I moved into my first house after college from a friend who gave my housemates and me practical weapons with which we could protect ourselves during the inevitable Something-pocalypse (I received a nightstick that unscrews into nunchuka).  The mental exercise of being prepared for a zombie outbreak is certainly as much self-entertainment as it is self-preparation, but apparently my twisted chums and I are not alone in spending spare quotidian moments plotting escape routes and locating alternative water sources.

Discovery Channel is currently casting for Season 3 of The Colony, a reality show that each season wipes out humanity and leaves its contestants to fend for themselves in the wreckage of a fallen society.  As the show describes itself:

The Colony is a controlled experiment to see exactly what it would take to survive and rebuild under an extreme global catastrophe. Watch as 10 volunteers try to survive and thrive with no electricity from the grid, no running water, and no communication from the outside world.

Epic, no?  Season 2 presupposed a virus devastated our society, and was actually filmed on 10 acres of Louisiana land devastated by Hurricane Katrina which was subsequently abandoned and thus appropriately “Doomsday” looking to create a definitely powerful setting.  The colonists were isolated in “quarantine” for 72 hours and then dropped off on this gritty lot – they do their best to get water, food, shelter, and get along.  To keep things spicy the producers provide them with just enough resources to keep them moving, and also provide obstacles.  One of the cheesier portions is when marauding bands of outsiders “attack” the colonists.  Since obviously no one actually hits anyone else it feels more like kids playing fort, with people running around and yelling and trying to take things seriously.

That being said this stuff is great TV, and best for watching with others.  If you don’t intend to audition for the upcoming season, then I’d suggest gathering some friends together, watching clips from the second season, and getting serious about Rage Virus exit strategies.

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