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21 March 2011, 2:00 pm One Comment

Poetry: One Hand

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Submission by Jeremy Pace, TNG reader

This is the sound of a one-handed poem

See, I will love you with one hand tied

If that’s what part of me needs to believe

If there is a section of my domestic

Ikea, lunch break, levelheaded, adult decisions

Paranoid brain

Always obsessed with assurance that I am maturing

At an acceptable rate

That has to believe that accepting every single term

Of our love

Means somehow that I am tying back an arm

I will take that

Because that is the arm that swings wildly in the air

With all of my Italian gusto

My redneck dramatics

And my artistic, undiagnosed creative sensibilities

That never seem to make up their mind

About who I am today

That is the arm that cannot yet trust

That a love this deep is real

Because it is far too used to fighting back

To get used to the idea

That I have nothing to fight back against

Because even the worst of us

Is wrought with an overwhelming

Undertone of total, and complete love

The kind of arm that needs to sit down,

Shut up,

And accept you

I will tie down that hand

And use the other to speak to you only in calm love

Because I know that no matter what my guarded ego

Tells me

The vulnerable portion of my heart that is locked inside a treasure chest

Deep inside an ocean somewhere

Is not just the side of me I am scared of you rejecting

It is the side of me I need to show you

The most

With my hand untied

I give you the key

And the map

To that part of myself

And I give you my blessing

To seek and find


Go quickly

Because you might have noticed I live inside of a beat

That may be precious and frail

But is not soft and sweet

Because it is a beat so quick

That it might be mistaken as youth

It is not my youth

It is the speed in which I seek

And find

And baby,

I know now that with you I can keep that speed

Because you will

Come to know

That I love you

Just as hard as I fight you

And while you are addicting

To the point of tears and withdrawals

To every single man you meet

And most of all to me…

I, too, am the highest

You have ever felt

In a way you cannot live without

And our powerful affects

On one another

Are a constant

No matter how at peace we are

I have a techno, house, choppy

Electronic, post-Bush

Present day, hypnotic beat

Rhythm to my life

And you are a remixed collage of beautiful

Noise repeating within it

Like it or not.

But baby,

You only need to love

Your promotion to percussion in my life

Because you sound like an angel

Like an angel minced among

This slideshow of my life, repeating

I am willing to forego the parts of me

I am not certain of

In sacrificial respect of the parts

I know to be as certain as a global rotation

That also exists inside this poet

When you set ablaze the fiery tween girl

Inside me spewing out Seventeen magazine

Relationship quiz advice

You have not

You never can

Burn that actual epic frontier lover

That waits in front of a breathless horizon

For his soul mate to return from

Whatever has separated us

I used to remain inside

But now

We remain inside

Underneath every scar of uncertainty

And cracks of broken

That will exist over time

I know to be certain

Only a few things

Strong enough to cause me

To tie down my hand

And bite my tongue

In order to

Once and for all

Let my heart do the talking.

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