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31 March 2011, 10:30 am No Comments

TNG TV: Hot Queer Song Alert – Nicole Reynolds, “Like The Ocean.”

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

Far from a dirty word, “lesbian folk music” is a term that has the power to pique my interest and make me run to check out the woman holding the title. While the stalwarts like Amy Ray and Jill Sobule are still around doing great work, a new generation has emerged to carry the torch. To the likes of Chris Pureka and An Horse comes Nicole Reynolds. The Pittsburgh native (and former attendant of local Goucher College) has a tiny, heartwrenching voice that is the perfect medium for some big ideas.

She busted out her powerful track “Like an Ocean” at the DC-are Iota Club for us back in January. It’s has a great message about persecution and self-reliance that should make sense for anyone who was told that they grew up wrong. Check it out! Lyrics are below, because they’re that good.

When I was a girl, they told me the world
was made by a man my father ran
ran ran ran he ran

I was only four I was lying by the door
my mother she rocked me back and forth
we cried and cried I remember that night

then i went to school and I swallowed all the rules
I was nervous and ashamed nobody knew my name
they said I wasn’t normal my mother said the same
they didn’t teach me much, they told me I should pray
I prayed i prayed i prayed

When I was a girl they told me in this world
there’s black and there’s white you’re wrong or you’re right
I didn’t feel well and I didn’t fit in
I was twelve years old and I felt like sin

When I was a girl they told me in this world
some things fit and some things dont
a man and a woman a man and a woman
that’s what he wrote this we know

The priest looked at me with his big blue eyes
told me my love was the devil in disguise
my mother wouldn’t look at me her eyes were black
I remember that night I didn’t come back
I ran ran ran I ran

When I was 16 i heard a woman’s voice
she said truth is subjective we’ve all got a choice
believe what you feel and question what they say
everyone’s really just guessing anyway
I thought that you should know this

I read mother jones her words rattled in my bones
I learned about revolution, I don’t throw stones
I think what I think and I say what I see
I cut my own hair and I am who I be
and I love who I love who I love like the ocean
I love who I love who I love like the ocean
I love who I love who I love like the ocean

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