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Poetry: This Safe Place

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Submission Dan Schulman, TNG contributor

Carnal urges soar

through veins surging with olfactory

senses of that sweet smell of cologne and cognac

a finished fifth of Jack spurred

moments of gravitational ephemeral pleasure

His skin tastes like candy

Howling and eyeing prey

these wolves never stop

until sunrise

until daybreak

claws scratch at the cotton blend tee

hours move like seconds

trip slip with every touch of the hip

wild murmur of the heart

exploding growls of sensuous delight

No tame cat can

compete in the jungle of

misplaced belts and trampled crew socks

and then time stops and

they are glue

and nothing moves

not a sound

not a breeze

paw upon paw

this is animal law

inside a room of leafy green

His teeth bared into a smile


traps the screeching sound of those who

yearn for what these creatures have

but still deny them their happiness

forget this savage noxious world

pull over the quilt of night

hibernate until the fright

is over, when we can

live in peace

where only God can see us

and they can’t tell us

that animals of the same kind

can’t love

paw in paw

and they’ve fixed the world

He created, but they destroyed

until then

all we can do is survive

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