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Media: Putting on the Gloves

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Last Thursday I pulled my finest vest and tie out of the closet for “Put on the Gloves: Taking on bullies one prom at a time” at Town Danceboutique. The event was a fashion show fundraiser for the Trevor Project and Capital Queer Prom, featuring special guest performer R&B singing sensation Mya. (I immediately associate to Ghetto Superstar – I’m a white girl from a middle class home in the ‘burbs. I don’t have great R&B depth. Additional research indicates I have more Mya listening in my future).

I'm a goober. Mya is anything but.

I had the chance to ask Mya, who is in fact an ally and not part of the alphabet soup, what led her to get involved with LGBTQI projects, specifically the Trevor Project. Hometown girl Mya gave me a smile akin to the one above and softly said she has always been involved, but now that she is on her own independent record label she has the freedom to be a more outspoken ally. I had all sorts of really off the wall questions for Mya, but she has a gravitas that made it all but impossible for me to bring my natural inappropriateness to bear, so I thanked her for her time and made my way into Town proper to mingle/drink.

As we (photographer lovely lady gay and I) wrangled up drinks at the bar, we spotted the impeccably put together DC Drag Queens, who wear makeup more artfully than I can even comprehend and are working on launching a reality TV show/documentary about the life.

Lest I get too caught up in queerous glamor of the event, activist friends reminded me of the many dedicated volunteers the Trevor Project relies on to sustain the youth outreach and suicide prevention hotline, which so many struggling LGBTQI kids need. (And ladies, the word around Town Thursday night is the Trevor Project would really like to have more of us socially conscious, youth concerned lesbian, queer lady, female identified folks involved.)

Earmuffs for those of you who are knowledgeable about stuff and things on all fronts. For the rest of you/me – holy wow guys. There is an AIDs vaccine being tested. Right here. In DC. I scored AIDs vaccine chapstick swag but couldn’t offer much else except wide eyes and open ears – unforch they are looking for male/male bodied volunteers.

DC’s Favorite Lady Gay DJ was in the Booth: DJ Natty Boom

MCs Will Thomas (Fox 5 News) and Anji Corely (WPGC 95.5)

I’ve never been to a fashion show before. It was elucidating.


Boys In Boxers

As Mya prepared to take the stage Elaine Mensah of Svelte EMC and Ebone Bell of BOI Marketing and Promotions were called to the front to take a bow for all their hard work putting the event together and coordinating a show that raised over $15K in donations for the Trevor Project and Capital Queer Prom.

My night pinnacle-ness centered around the lesbian watching (you can take the girl to the gay boy club, but you can’t make her a gay boy). Queer women were far outnumbered by our penis bearing brethren, but the throwback dyke (said with great affection by a self confessed hipster dyke) captured in the photo below really made my night. God I wonder what the kids will be wearing ten years from now?


The after party at the District was sure to have been awesome: but I’ve got one of those ridiculous 9-5 jobs where I too often stretch the limits of the leisurely arrival enforcement, so alas: I had to skip it. But I got to mug with Mya! Boom! Ya’ll shoulda been there!

I'm still a goober. Mya is still Hot.

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