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11 February 2011, 12:00 pm No Comments

Poetry: “Observations, ” A Poem

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Submission by Jeremy Pace, TNG contributor

When my lower back is cold

Your hands are warm

When my hands are calloused

Your hands are soft

When I’m feeling tired

You’ve just brewed us chai…

And when I’ve been scolded

For the way I love myself

When I’ve been handed

Weights made for my back

When I’ve laughed off connections

In favor of surface-value celebrity

And when I’m finally exposed

And no one is around

Your lips tell me I’m there

In the place I need to be

You’re suddenly all hungry

For taking on more weights

And you barrel like a champion

Through the walls I’m putting up

You walk in to see me sitting

In the corner in a ball

And you sit down and join me

Until I smile again

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