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18 February 2011, 11:00 am No Comments

Song of the Day: Benoit & Sergio, “Boy Trouble”

This post was submitted by Rohan

Benoit & Sergio met at a party here in our nation’s capital and have been making music ever since. The DC/Berlin duo are set to release a single on the best dance label ever DFA and today we have the a-side to the single “Boy Trouble.” To get things straight no this is not a gay song, it is about girls- so if you Google image search the band and get the hots for them (they are cuties) just remember they are straight. The slick dance track stays at a mid-tempo range and has some icy synths and a disaffected vocal, which sound unappealing but the track is still catchy as hell. Check out more of their tracks on their Soundcloud.

Right click to download “Boy Trouble.”

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