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New Music Roundup: This Week In Musicland

This post was submitted by Rohan

Welcome to 2011! I have been MIA with a music round-up so here is the first for the year-whoo!. There were a lot of good records I didn’t review last year and already 3 weeks into 2011 there have been some stellar releases. Today I am going to try something different. I am going to only use 140 characters Twitter style to describe the album (You know the “Recommended” part). Yes I know that is totally copping @1000TimesYes’s gig (oh btw Chris I’m still sorry about smoking that cig in your place back in 2006- Paul told me it was cool) but I think it will be a fun exercise(real story: I’m tired and I don’t want to write much). It is all in random order:

Artist: Tennis
Album: Cape Dory
What the hell is it? Husband and wife go sailing and make a record.
Sounds like a combination of: 60’s pop, lo-fi, Best Coast
Recommended? What you would expect from a husband and wife duo who went sailing and wrote a record about it- but it is so fucking good!

Tennis – Take Me Somewhere by forcefieldpr

Artist: The Decemberists
Album: The King is Dead
What the hell is it? A non-concept back to basics Decemberists record
Sounds like a combination of: Dad rock, Alt-Country
Recommended? It is sad the Decemberists sound like a Decemberists and REM coverband- wait Peter Buck is playing on here? Boooooriiing.

The Decemberists – Rox In The Box by Vicente P.S.

Artist: Ducktails
Album: Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics
What the hell is it? The solo side project of Matthew Mondanile from Real Estate
Sounds like a combination of: Beach vibes, good vibes, chill vibes
Recommended? Really chill batch of songs that sometimes sound like Real Estate sketches.

Ducktails – Killing The Vibe (feat. Dent May) by Forte Distro

Artist: Smith Westerns
Album: Dye it Blonde
What the hell is it? Barley if even legal kids grow up on their sophomore record
Sounds like a combination of: T-Rex, Parting like it is Prom
Recommended? Since you can’t have Marc Bolan as your prom host please extend the invite to SW, they are superb

Smith Westerns – Weekend by Vicente P

Artist: Braids
Album: Native Speaker
What the hell is it? Canadians who make music vast spacey music
Sounds like a combination of: AnCo
Recommended? If you ever wanted a female foul-mouthed version of AnCo’s Feels, here it is.

Braids – Lemonade by Drewtewksbury

Artist: Fergus and Geronimo
Album: Unlearn
What the hell is it? Texas duo who love the 60’s
Sounds like a combination of: Zappa, Rockabilly
Recommended? A ramshackle debut from a promising band with a Zappa obsession, totally worth your time

Fergus & Geronimo – Girls With English Accents by hardlyartrecords

Artist: Tapes ‘n Tapes
Album: Outside
What the hell is it? The return to form albeit pointless third record
Sounds like a combination of: A Tapes ‘n Tapes cover band
Recommended? Has Pitchfork apologized yet?

Tapes ´n Tapes – Badaboom by Vicente P

Artist: Kid Sister
Album: Kiss Kiss Kiss
What the hell is it? Free Kid Sister mixtape
Sounds like a combination of: Kid Sister doing her usual
Recommended? Stop-gap but still fun, guess we have to wait another 4 years for a second record?

Kid Sister – ‘Kiss Kiss Kiss’ by YINMAGAZINE

Artist: jj
Album: Kills
What the hell is it? Free jj mixtape
Sounds like a combination of: jj takes on your favorite song
Recommended? JJ FUCKING KILLS (that was actually a real tweet of mine- follow me @Rorawks)

jj – new work by k3nken

Artist: M.I.A.
Album: Vicki Leekx Mixtape
What the hell is it? Free M.I.A. mixtape
Sounds like a combination of: M.I.A. making sense of that last record
Recommended? For thirty minutes, I cared about M.I.A. again, then it ended and put something else on.

Blaqstarr ft. M.I.A-Lemme Hump You by blaqstarrish

Artist: Jazmine Sullivan
Album: Love Me Back
What the hell is it? Second record from one of the most talented R&B singers out there
Sounds like a combination of: Grown and sexy R&B with some delightful and not grasping pop moves
Recommended? I love you Jazmine, why can’t your label? Please take notice that this record exists, and maybe she will come back to music

Jazmine Sullivan – “10 Seconds” by Shooter

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