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TNG TV: Is The Blow a Lindsay Lohan Expert?

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

I’ll try to control myself here, but I have strong feelings about The Blow.  Khaela Maricich‘s one-woman blend of indie-pop and performance art is an out, queer artistic force who has written the best queer love song of all time, seamlessly worked narratives about sexual identity and storytelling into her always-compelling live shows and proves that “intelligent dance music” is so not an oxymoron.

The first time I interviewed Maricich was an unmitigated disaster. I was still working for The Blade and had to sneak in the interview during my work day without getting fired. I first brought my phone and laptop first to a nearby coffee shop (too loud) a newspaper box on the corner of 14th and U (quite stupid on my part) and finally to an empty office adjecent to the paper’s Editor-In-Chief. (I take risks.) We had a decent conversation about the Indigo Girls and the finer points of her live show, but what a difference three years makes.

This time around I was rewarded with an artist who had admittedly calmed down following a bad breakup and proved herself to be the rarest of all creatures: The creator of music both buoyant and mournfully evocative with an amazingly pleasant disposition and rare willingness to initiate a discussion on identity politics with the queer press.

The Blow’s November show at the Black Cat was done as part of a small tour to workshop material for a currently-unfinished new album. Her shows always mix in a fair amount of monologuing, and throughout the course of this one it became clear that all her new songs were about a lesbian starlet (though adamantly “not” Lindsay Lohan) who became a cypher for the nature of sexuality and celebrity in the year 2010.

I hope to the flying spaghetti monster that the album comes out sooner rather than later, but in the meantime check out this interview, watch the below videos and keep your fingers crossed that another tour happens soon.

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