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14 December 2010, 4:00 pm No Comments

Sports Chat: New England Patriots

This post was submitted by Art

As a Bears fan, this hurts to post.

No, there is no punchline coming.

Despite shots from Justin Bieber about his hair, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are the best team in football. Since entering the third quarter on Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions, the Patriots have outscored their opponents 116 to 17. That’s three games, two really good opponents and total domination. Republicans-over-Obama domination.

One could delve further into the statistics about the Patriots offense and defense, but there is almost no need. The score itself enough argument and if anyone has watched the Patriots humiliate the Lions, demolish the Jets and dominate the Bears statistics are meaningless. The Patriots pass the eye test – and to resort to a cliche, this is a team on a mission. Peyton Manning and the Colts are bumbling along, the Packers are broken with Aaron Rogders woozy, I flat out do not believe in the New York Giants and Michael Vick is going alone with the Eagles. Everyone else who looks like a challenger (the Bears, Steelers, Jets and Ravens), the Patriots have already beaten.

Pretty cut and dry, if you ask me. A rarity in sports.

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