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29 November 2010, 10:00 am 5 Comments

Sex: What The Hell Is A “Bubble Butt”?

This post was submitted by Jeremy Gloff

The universe is full of mysteries. What is the meaning of life? How vast is the universe? Where did we come from? Add to that list of perplexities a mystery that’s been haunting me my entire gay life. What the fuck is a “bubble butt”?

It is interesting to note the wordage applied when merchandise is marketed to its target audience. While it might take a “snap, crackle, pop” to sell cereal it apparently takes a “nice firm bubble butt” to sell the idea that someone has an alluring physique. Putting aside the laughable term itself I’ve been trying for nearly twenty years to understand what exactly this elusive “bubble butt” is.

I’ve known many a man try to lure and trap me with his bubbles of steel and from a rear-end view none rump was remotely similar. One was saggy and one was flat. One was bony and one was fat. They all claimed they had bubble butts. Would the real bubble butt please step forward?

In my adult life I am enlightened to most things concerning gay sex. For better or worse when I hear the terms BB, raw, fisting, PNP, top, bottom, vers, sub, or dom I know exactly what is being alluded to. Though when I hear a guy I’m about to meet has a “hot bubble butt,” well your guess is as good as mine.

The universal mystery remains. To this day I have asked many gay friends and each has a different answer. Does God exist? What is justice? And does anyone know what the fuck a bubble butt really is?

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  • Steve Kay said:

    A bubble butt – we all know what it is – not a skinny rear end, not a blob of fat (for most of us) but something so nicely shaped that it makes our mouth water.

    the interesting thing is that whether you are gay and like a boys butt as described, or str8 and like a chicks butt Or V V re lesbians, as describes, they almost always look similar to the beholder of the interest.

    To me a bubble butt is what makes my mouth water. What type of body its on depends on if you are str8, gay, M, or F.

    I’m actually one of those str8 guys who likes to gay bars. Both in a support our gay friends mode, and because as I tell the gay chicks – “I love lesbians – they keep me out of trouble with my wife. :-)

  • Steve Kay said:

    Oh – and the other thing a BB is , is what gives a homophobe that sudden growth on part of his body. Its always that way.

  • sam clam said:

    Google Image Search.

  • GW said:

    Does God exist? No

  • johneboy said:

    I am gay I have bennn in locloset so long help me