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Humor: TNG’s Top Ten Ways to Embrace the Holidays

This post was submitted by Troy Chatterton

This is my personal guide to you for not just surviving the holidays, but embracing them and experiencing joy. It’s true: life is getting better. And we have a lot of creative people showing us through the arts – both high and low, silly and sincere.

So, use this guide to guffaw, embolden your spirit, mark your calendars, and quite possibly fill your guest’s bellies with the most delicious and glamorous stuffing they’ll ever have. Yes, glamorous.

1.  Let’s be very thankful for having Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family, in our lives every week. If they exist on tv , think how many real life variations there are across America.

2.  Nathan Manske, of the blog I’m From Driftwood, saw the film Milk, and was inspired to do something. He decided to collect true stories from gay people, and share them to help gay youth realize that they are not alone. Now, he’s on a 4-month, 50-state Story Tour proving that gays are everywhere and life can be pretty damn awesome. How heartening are Jason and Perry?!

3.  Three movies to have handy for some entertaining provocation: ‘Home For The Holidays,’ 1995. With Holly Hunter, Robert Downey JR, and Anne Bancroft. ‘Pieces of April,’ 2003. Katie Holmes & Patricia Clarkson. And the newly released ‘The Kids Are All Right,’ 2010. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore.

4.  Need a gift? Need a laugh? Feeling crafty? On December 15th, Amy Sedaris will be at MXYPLYZYK in NYC. She may be stopping near you, so check out Amy Sedaris Rocks. This woman is FULL of LIFE.

5.  While you are marking your calendars, check out Joe’s Pub. No tickets over 20 bucks.  Justin Bond (Dec. 5).  Micah & Nicholas (Dec. 13)  Our Lady J/The Gospel of Dolly (Dec. 28)

6.  Dustin Lance Black, screenplay writer of Milk shines a spotlight on some of the new grass roots activists in his profile for Interview magazine. He quotes Harvey Milk, Masturbation can be fun, but it does not take the place of the real thing. It is about time that the gay community stopped playing with itself and get down to the real thing.” Amen to that.

7.  James Cameron Mitchell’s film Shortbus is a needed reminder that sex can be sensational. Manohla Dargis from the NYT’s wrote it best: Shortbus is “an ode to the joy and sweet release of sex, the film manages to be a sincere, modest political venture that finds humor where you might least expect it, notably in a menage a trois featuring a cheeky rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.” Cheeky is right.

8. Tickets are SOLD OUT for the revival of Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes” but if you want to see it, you can, just be willing to camp out at the Signature Theater a few hours before. A fun one for the entire family.

9.  It doesn’t get better than this – The Lee brothers earned their pay when lifting Marilyn Monroe’ s stuffing recipe (in her own handwriting!) back to life. Can’t you just see their faces when they ask, “And what did you make?” “Oh, Marilyn Monroe’s stuffing.” Doubt will be instantly demolished.

10.  Young or old, and everyone in between – this is for you. All out Joy. Kurt’s Teenage Dream on Glee. Turn up the volume and I dare you not to tear up. Thanks Ryan Murphy.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. And don’t forget, pass it on!

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