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16 November 2010, 12:00 pm 3 Comments

Film: Bollywood Features First Gay Male Kiss

This post was submitted by Arturo Ruiz Ortega

The film Dunno Y, the first Indian movie that shows gay males  kissing, was released on Friday. Dunno Y was filmed one year after homosexuality was decriminalized in India and was released after seven months of deliberation from the Indian authority in charge of the censorship. Dunno Y provoked different reactions throughout Indian society:  Kapil Sharma, one of the main actors, has even received hate mail and threats from anonymuos source, some of them saying that homosexuality has nothing to do with Indian culture and that is something imported from the West.

“Homosexuality has always been part of every culture,” said Kapil to the BBC in response of the hate mail and a small riot near his building.

The speaker of the All India Christian Council, John Dayal, told the BBC that all others religions are also against the movie, not because they don’t recognize some rights for the gay people (do they?), but because they believe that the movie celebrates homosexuality as something good and natural –and of course they think that this is not the case, just as they do in the West.

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, one of the most important gay activists of India, received the movie as a realist portrait of homosexuality and he expressed his hope that more filmmakers feel encouraged to show homosexuality in their movies.

In Mumbai, Cinemax and Fun Cinema refused to screen the movie, arguing that their family-oriented business could be affected negatively by the explicit content of the movie.

The reaction of the public has been diverse, but if we believe the box office numbers, most of the public does not seem too pissed off : Dunno Y is doing so well that the heaters that are screening it plan to increase the number of  scheduled shows.

What about you, readers? Are you interested in the big Bollywood kiss?

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  • John said:

    I think that it is good and natural. Me, myself, a homo, thinks so, too. More movies should have relationships like this. It’s called being intimate with your boyfriend or partner! Look it up! :)

  • Dana said:

    Homosexuality is natural and thus is a part of every culture. Great when they are showing real life likeness on screen!

  • praveen said:

    its a great step ahead in indian cinema. while a film like fire was appreciated why not Dunno Y. homosexuality is natural and inborn. Cinema is a reflection of reality in life and hence homosexuality should recieve its share of space in cinema as well.

    But hopefully people should look forward to the content of the movie more than the kissing scene alone…