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10 November 2010, 2:00 pm No Comments

Media: Facing Your Past, in Print.

This post was submitted by Bikram Kohli

It’s never easy admitting one’s own failures and shortcomings. Doing that leaves one vulnerable and prone to being judged. It is hard, but not impossible. For these reasons alone, I find it increasingly difficult to acknowledge when I have done some wrong. It is also for these reasons that when I find someone who does recognize their errors, I have a great deal of respect for them.

Mark S King, blogger and author of My Fabulous Disease, reviews Chris Glaser’s new book – The Final Deadline: What Death Has Taught Me About Life. In his latest post titled, Examining death, including the one I caused, King does a fantastic job of summarizing Glaser’s book. Not even I could see the curveball waiting in the middle of the post, though.

What starts off as a regular blog post – reviewing a book the author might have liked – turns into something entirely beautiful and poignant. King reveals that he had a shared history with Glaser and that an entire chapter of the book deals with that shared history. In tribute to the sanctity of the relationship they shared, Glaser never explicitly mentions King’s name. “And yet Chris tries his best to protect me from my own history. In a book filled with intimates, living and dead, I alone go unnamed,” writes King in his post.

King’s post is heartfelt and the pain is clearly visible. It isn’t easy for him to admit how, or why, he wronged Glaser, but he does. And that is why he garners so much respect in my eyes.

I strongly suggest reading King’s post about Glaser’s book and even going out and getting the book itself. I know I will be doing that.

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