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21 July 2010, 8:00 am No Comments

Tell Us Your ENDA Stories!

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

On August 9th, Congress goes home to campaign for their jobs. But what about ours?

It seems illogical, even backwards, that people can be fired in the US for simply being open about their sexual orientations or gender identities at their place of employment. Sadly, though, it’s the truth. Time and again our government, and our supposed allies within it, have promised that a trans-inclusive Employee Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will be passed to finally give us a federal protection that we are lacking.

Predictably, though, it has not.

Right now, at this point in history, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stands in a
position of power to bring one of our most basic rights to a vote. Anita Bryant is
not going to help us here. Neither are Fred Phelps or Archie Bunker. Though it seems contradictory to turn the heat on our supporters, the truth is that no one has more autonomy to protect the interest of US queers. This week, The New Gay and activist group GetEQUAL are teaming up to bring your stories to members of congress that can help.

Have you been affected by ENDA’s current non-existance? Fired from your job
for being gay, lesbian, bi or trans? Do you feel that no one cares about your lack of livelihood born from our governments systematic betrayal of its own people? Now you can do something about it. GetEQUAL is launching a campaign to finally force Congress to make a decision, and will also ensure that the legislation is trans-inclusive.

Email your story to endastories@getequal.org by this Friday at 5 o’clock and we will ensure that actual members of congress will hear it, put a face and a struggle to an otherwise nameless issue, and be that much more likely to do the right thing.

Please let us know if we can include your name in the submissions, or if you
would like to be listed anonymously. You can help ensure that this doesn’t happen again, but we need your help.

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