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24 July 2010, 5:16 pm 4 Comments

Uncategorized: outing others: don’t do it

This post was submitted by Hannah Everhart

A while ago, the New York Times The Ethicist ran answered a question asking on when and if someone has the right to out a transperson. The Ethicist’s answer–as well as my own, is *never*. Outing someone can change their life–endangering their safety, putting their job on the line, and affect their personal life.  Remember that having someone out themselves to you is sometimes a huge indicator of trust, and you should always respect that.

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  • g said:

    have you read signorile’s america – i don’t know about yr background, i make no judgements, but many of hte people who persecuted queers during the 70s, 80s and 90s were closeted homos who used the corridors of power and their positions to fuck us over while getting deep dicked on the side… people like roy cohn…

  • hannah (author) said:

    g–no I haven’t read it. Thanks for the rec! It’s now on my (very long) to read list.

  • Alex said:

    Did either of you even read the column? He says she shouldn’t out her date (oh, except to her friends. That’s totally ok)… but also compares her date not outing himself to her (a stranger, carrying the same risks as her outing him) to adultery or having an STI.

    Questioning Transphobia breaks it down.

  • hannah (author) said:

    @Alex after a second/more careful read through, and reading the Questioning Transphobia article I’m seeing (and agreeing with) your (and it seems like the Questioning Transphobia article as well). Thanks for sharing this.