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20 July 2010, 12:00 pm 4 Comments

Co będzie Twoją przygodą?: In My Own Skin

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From "Missed Connections" by Guillermo Riveros, 2009

From "Missed Connections" by Guillermo Riveros, 2009

“Jude?” He read off a clipboard.

“Hi, yes, hey,” I said, getting up from my spot in the waiting room.

“I’m Dr. Bradley. It’s nice to meet you.” His hand was stretched out, and I took it, though our eyes never met. “Come on back.”

“It’s my first time at a dermatologist,” I admitted upon my instruction to sit.

“And what brings you here?” he asked.

“Alllllllllllllll this…” I swirled an index finger around my forehead, which had been breaking out worse and worse as the weather got better and better.

“Looks like heat acne. Are you using any product?”


“Take this,” he said, giving me a Neutrogena sample. “Start using a face wash with salicylic acid.” I stopped using face wash once I realized it was turning my eyebrows and facial hair an unnatural tinge of copper.

I paid a $40 co-pay and checked my email for almost an hour in the waiting room to get a fucking Neutrogena sample?

“I’ll write you a prescription, too. It’s a cream I’d like you to put on every night before bed. Only at night. Exposure to sunlight after you apply this can be very dangerous,” he advised.

“Like Gizmo in Gremlins,” I recalled.

“Sort of. Was there anything else?”

“Really? That’s it? You’re sure? My doctor had told me it could be some kind of infection of the hair follicle, which is why he referred me…”

“It’s just heat acne. Should clear up in a few weeks.”

“And so now I’ll have to use this all the time, this prescription?”

“See how it goes next summer. Okay?”

“Okay… ’kay.” It seemed like a waste of an appointment. I thought of any other reason I would need to see a dermatologist.  “Hey, what about skin tags—are they easy to remove?” I asked, as if I hadn’t Googled it before.

“Yes, usually. But since removal isn’t covered by insurance, it can cost around $100 for each skin tag. Where is it? Your arm pit? Your groin? Your—“

“My groin.”

“That’s pretty common. Is it in the folds?” he asked. I shuddered thinking about the word folds, before owning up.

“The… shaft.” It wasn’t really a question, though it may have sounded like one.

“Well, that could be something else entirely. We could remove it for biopsy, which is covered by insurance. Let me take a look, if you don’t mind.” I knew exactly what it was. It had been there for as long as I remember, before I was even sexual enough to get transmitted diseases. Nothing anyone else had noticed, but for me it was like a swastika tattooed between the Mona Lisa’s eyebrows.

“Sure,” I said, and stood up to undo my belt. He adjusted his glasses and rolled himself toward me, eye-level with my crotch.

Within what felt like milliseconds, a man I didn’t even know five minutes earlier that day was injecting a needle directly into my penis.

“So, what is it you do for a living?”

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  • michael said:

    It’s health care week on TNG it seems. First Jeremy’s man boobs and now your acne and skin tags. Amazing that you let this slight abnormality bother you so much for so many years.

  • jude (author) said:

    barely-noticeable acne! that’s gone now!

  • soyo said:


  • Julie said:

    Acne is caused because of bad bacteris in the body. This is because most people have a poor diet. When you eat clean, natural foods, your body doesn’t create no where near as much bad bacteria. When your body has too much bad bacteria, it uses the skin to detoxify. This is because the skin is the largest detoxifying organ. To have beautiful skin, it is imparative to eat right, drink a lot of water, exercise, and not smoke. All of these things also aid in not aging the skin as fast. Good topical products for acne are face washes containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide cream. I prefer the 3 step system from Clinique called Acne Solutions. Salicylic acid can aslo aid in antiaging.