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21 June 2010, 3:32 pm 3 Comments

TNG TV: So, What’s Up With Mirah and Thao?

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

Lesbian musician (and sweetest woman ever) Mirah is currently on tour with Thao Nguyen, who is indicated in past interviews with TNG that she isn’t exactly the poster child for heterosexuality. The two women were set up as possible collaborators by a record label type, and found the experience so positive that they took it on the road. Both artists are talented songwriters and performers, so the pairing of the two (and their backing band, The Most Of All) seems like a very fruitful one.

By all accounts (see video below) the two have a fair amount of artistic chemistry, so I also thought it fair to ask if they are involved off the stage as well. Though Mirah was coy on the subject, the little kid inside of me wants the two to live happily forever after as the coolest, rocking-est queer lady couple in the world. My fingers are crossed.

(Oh, and all the jokes about name pronunciation are due to some wisecracks made in this cute interview with Brightest Young Things.)

Thao & Mirah “How Dare You” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

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  • Levi said:

    Great interview, very relaxed and casual…Though I am also curious as to what Mirah and Thao are also “collaborating” on.

  • nattyboom said:

    hey, i thought we were the coolest queer lady couple!

  • Indeed Indie | Thao and Mirah Announce New Record Due Out Spring 2011 said:

    [...] Relationship status still remains unconfirmed. [...]