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Song of the Day: Tobacco, “Fresh Hex (Feat. Beck)”

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Tobacco is stage name of Tom Fec, who is also a member of the Pittsburgh synth/stoner/psych rockers Black Moth Super Rainbow. Tobacco is getting ready to release his second solo record, Manic Meat, on May 25th, and let me tell you it is the jam. His latest offering is full of gritty analogue beats and buzz saw bass pushing equalizers into the red. Some of the tracks almost resemble hip-hop, and this is no thanks to the album’s big star, Mr. Beck Hansen.

Beck shows up on two tracks, though he and Tobacco never met, they exchanged tracks through e-mail. Today’s song is the best song off the record and one of the collaborations with Beck, “Fresh Hex.” The track starts with an analogue synth line before a cut-up Beck verse of all words beginning with “c,” including WTF(?) lines like “color-coordinated cowboy cat frames.” Beck has been on a high lately with his Record Club series and the brilliant Charlotte Gainsbourg record, but this is his most immediate track he’s done in a long time. It makes you beg for Beck to go back to the Odelay or Midnite Vultures days. Tobacco has stepped up his game, complimenting Beck in a way that no one has done since the Dust Brothers. If these two aren’t working on a full record together, then they better get on it!

Right click to download “Fresh Hex.”

Check out this truly weird track list for this record, you could probably get some good band names out of it (btw what the hell does it mean when your “TV’s All Greasy”?:

01. Constellation Dirtbike Head

02. Fresh Hex (feat. Beck)

03. Mexican Icecream

04. Lick The Witch

05. Sweatmother

06. Motorlicker

07. Unholy Demon Rhythms

08. Heavy Makeup

09. Grape Aerosmith (feat. Beck)

10. New Juices From The Hot Tub Freaks

11. Six Royal Vipers

12. Overheater

13. Creepy Phone Calls

14. TV All Greasy

15. Stretch Your Face

16. Nuclear Waste Aerobics

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