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24 March 2010, 3:00 pm 2 Comments

Music: YACHT

New TNG contributor Tim solicited this AASG from elector-cult rockers YACHT
Rumors have held it that YACHT is a cult. Or a large boat. These rumors are or are not true. YACHT (first, Portland, Oregonite Jona Becholt and, later, the former, and PDX, OR-ite Claire L. Evans) is now a fivesome (or a foursome? Numbers?), called YACHT and the Straight Gaze (YatSG), a band that trades in decibels of the occult (defined: religious individuality in the larger, and the smaller sense) and pre/now aesthetics of post-metrosexuality. Are you following this? No? Good.

They go live in Los Angeles on Friday, March 26. The Echoplex. Be there and be a straight gay, or be something else and be there, too. Claire L. Evans answered the following questions.

Addendum: They have a website (a very pleasant one) that outlines future engagements: teamyacht.com

When did you/YatSG realize you were “straight”? Have you yet?

Well, we’re Straight Gays. We have political and emotional affiliations to one world, as well as love for it, while biology dictates our operations in the other. We will leave it up to you to surmise which is which. We consider ourselves to be somewhat of a blank slate, and your interpretation of our orientations tell us more about who you are than tell you about who we are. We like learning about you very much.

What is your favorite stereotype about straight people?

That they are unadventurous, can’t dance, have terrible fashion — and that their fear seeps into all of those fields.

What are the biggest challenges faced by a straight person in today’s culture?


RuPaul notes: “Honey, you’re born naked. Everything else is drag.” Would you care to add to this?

Like RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants, YACHT strives to excel in the categories of Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. These, to us, seem like entirely legitimate parameters. And yes, Ru is right: all life is performance, and, if drag is about illusion (which it is), then it’s a comprehensive metaphor for the veils of clothing, presentation, and identity we spend our lives dancing behind.

Are you The New Gay? If you’re not sure/”no comment”, who is? Bands, stuff people should check out?

We’d love to be the Old Gay. Perhaps the Ancient Gay. Our Gay is Sapphic Gay, rose-fingered dawn of Atthis, sparrows heralding the raging fire of a woman’s dancing hands upon a lyre, Immortal Venus, “Slay me not, Goddess!”

What will music sound like in 10 years? If that’s a bad question, say something else.

I think the more appropriate question might be “What will music look, smell, and taste like in 10 years?” If there is any change to happen, it will be a change in the physicality of music and our ability to unlock the psychedelic depths of our senses in order to experience it more fully. In 2020, we will all voluntarily suffer from synaesthesia.

Finally, why should people come out and see you play and perform?

The decision is yours. All we can promise to provide is visual music, physical contact, two, maybe three computers, actual instruments as well as synthesized ones, bass, conversation, guided meditation, some swears, and a message.


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