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24 March 2010, 3:00 pm 8 Comments

TNG TV: The Black Lips’ Jared Swilley Kisses Zack, Apologizes for Homophobia

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

Last September, in a sort of neo-garage rock Thrilla in Manilla, The Black Lips‘ bassist and vocalist Jared Swilley got in a bloody bar fight with Wavves’ Nathan Williams. When asked for a statement, the former dropped a whole lot of F(aggot) bombs and raised the ire of pretty much every queer indie fan in history. Which is a shame in some ways, because I’m fond of both The Black Lips’ scuzzy “flower punk” revival music and their purported homoerotic stage antics, which include enough kissing, urinating and dick-showing to actually get them kicked out of India.

So the interview below is both a chance to fulfill some curiosity I have about the bands gropey side and see how Jared would explain the Faggot incident if given a chance. It’s not like that word will ever be acceptable, but I do think that people make mistakes. If he does it again, however…. well, I guess I’ll just need another tongue kiss as a penance.

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  • chris said:

    Wow, that actually happened. Huh. Everyone’s been recommending this band to me so now I guess I pretty much have to listen to them if that’s something that they do a lot at concerts.

  • rp said:

    bigot apoligizers! do not support these douches. zack, you are propagating this hatred by continuing to cover these artists who badmouth who you are. yes, they exploit their zany-antics by – gasp – kissing each other on stage. wow, that is Soooo 2010 that i guess it’s okay for them to call people faggot. maybe in DC these apologies are okay, but not where i come from. fail!

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  • jared c said:

    Nobody should be offended by the F word.

    With that said, many people *are* offended by it, and therefore it is best (most respectful) to not use the word at all.

    South Park addressed this pretty well in their episode “The F Word”, check it out if you haven’t, it was a good one.

  • aquaboy said:

    So so so lucky you are! Good Bad But Not Evil is one of my favorite albums of all time. Love the Black Lips.

  • Kevin said:

    I’m a fan of South Park, but I had issues with that particular episode.
    The message, as I understood it, was that it’s okay to use ‘faggot’ as long as it’s not meant to attack someone’s sexual orientation. Likewise, gays shouldn’t be offended by the show’s liberal use of the word because it’s not actually aimed at them
    While I think Matt and Trey, the show’s creators, had good intentions, I wish they had taken into consideration that maybe it’s not the place of two straight men to decide the merits of a word like fag.
    It reminded me of another episode where Stan couldn’t grasp why a black character was so offended by the word ‘nigger.’ At the end of the episode, Stan finally had an epiphany that he just didn’t get it – that because he was white he could never really understand what that word means to black people. It would have been nice if the boys had reached a similar conclusion in “The F Word” and just apologized to Mr. Slave and Big Gay Al.

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