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3 March 2010, 9:51 am 8 Comments

Civil Rights: No, God Hates Fred Phelps

This post was submitted by Michael

Moments before the first marriage applicants walked out of the courthouse, the Fred Phelps gang of loonies were spreading their hate. Remember, friends, despite our slowly unfolding successes, there are many challenges ahead.

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  • chris said:

    I am in love with Fred Phelps. I think he has singlehandedly done more for our movement than anyone else. By associating his obvious lunacy and undeniably vile hatred with anti-queer sentiment, he’s made it that much harder for rational people to align themselves with comparable ideas. Part of me can’t help but wonder if this isn’t all some big act to help further our cause. Phony Fred Phelps, performance artist? Hey, it couldn’t really get much stranger than it already is.

  • chris said:

    (And, ftr, so that no one thinks I’m being insensitive: I’ve been personally protested by the man. Let me tell you: he’s an odd, odd man.)

  • Dean said:

    My church was protested by them because we are “open and accepting”. Nobody provoked them, but I have to admit it was hard NOT to yell back…

  • brad said:

    O I bet they are wearing clothes of mixed fibers…..just saying….

  • Shea said:

    I kind of love the woman in the blue hoodie. The way she has assembled her four feeble signs makes her look like a protester butterfly. Or maybe just a harpy.

  • Annie P said:

    We just dealt with them here in Long Beach, protesting a high school because of their GSA (gay-straight-alliance) club. It was an awesome day and a HUGE anti-protest. Check it…http://vimeo.com/9608045

  • cdc said:

    *Phelps :)

  • john u. said:

    I to am in love with Fred (Felps), I have had many sexual encounters with him in the past, why does he do this. I am a man,,,,,,