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eMusic Queer CD of the Week: The Gossip, “Music for Men.”

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

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300x300In some bands, the many different members unite to form such a tight hybrid of sound and style that there are no individuals, just a unit of sound. The Gossip is not one of those bands. Though every member of the post-punk/rock/R&B fusion trio rocks in their own way, they are carried by one of contemporary musics most kick-ass queer frontwomen. Beth Ditto sings like Robert Plant, commands an audience like Santogold and stage dives like a drunken soccer fan.

When you listen to her band’s newest album Music for Men you won’t get the full experience of Ditto in a negligee being passed around by adoring audience members, but you will get to hear the music that draws people to her shows in the first place. From the bluesy drawl of “Dimestore Diamond” to the 80s-infused “Four Letter Word,” through the balls-out dance numbers “Heavy Cross” and “Men in Love,” Ditto’s music practically begs to be swaggered to. A couple listens to this and you’ll feel like full equal rights are just in reach, and we’re getting closer one high note or guitar solo at a time.

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