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20 November 2009, 4:00 pm One Comment

eMusic Queer CD of the Week: Hey Willpower, “P.D.A.”

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

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300x300-1Admirable for a sweat-drenched, tank-top wearing sense of humor and a completely un-ironic use of the tenets of hip hop, Hey Willpower’s 2008 disc P.D.A is today’s pick for Queer CD of The Week.

While short-statured, muscly gay Jewish boys aren’t usually associated with music that moves the booty, everything about P.D.A. is designed either for dancing or making love. The former member of “Yoo hoo“-makers Imperial Teen covers Architecture in Helsinki (“Heart it Races”) or busts a Timbaland-worthy ode to doing it (“Double Fantasy II”) with equal aplomb. In respect to the latter track, its always a blast to hear standard R & B when you know that its sung from one guy to another. No homo.

The albums stand out, and my third most listened to song of 2008, is the single “Hundredaire.” An unfailingly sunny ode to the fact that one must either dump or be dumped, and neither solution is tenable, the song welds a “hey hey hey” chorus into a danceable, singable, hummable little four minute burst of queer music joy.

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  • Austin said:

    I read somewhere that Will wrote “Hundredaire” as a response to Kelis’ “Millionaire”, further tucking into the whole R & B influence aspect. Nice review for an underrated album.