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30 October 2009, 3:00 pm One Comment

eMusic Queer CD of the Week: The Blow — Paper Television

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

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300x300The Blow, really Khaela Maricich, doesn’t explicitly wear its queerness on 2006′s Paper Television. But when you do find out that Maricich is an out lesbian something about the rest of the album shifts into focus. Rather than a collection of over-arching anthems to love and loss, the album charts the trajectory of a relationship through a series of moments and observations that suggest they come from a uniquely different perspective.

“Pile of Gold” compares ones’ sexual attractiveness to an economic force. “Fists Up” plots a break up as a political revolution, albeit a losing one. And most importantly, the album’s standout track (and my favorite homo love song of all time) “Parentheses” creates both the image of a lover’s embrace as protective punctuation and the idea that it’s OK to cry in the deli aisle. That when your partner is OK with this display of emotion you’ve found something really special.

When I saw The Blow live, Maricich made a special point of announcing that it was her anniversary with her girlfriend, which the crowd went crazy for. But the best part of this album is that it is universal – as all great love/break up songs tend to be – but at the same time it’s just for us.

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  • k. said:

    Not lesbian. Bisexual. Has dated men and women.

    Totally brilliant album though, and yes, Parentheses is a truly great song.