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3 September 2009, 4:30 pm 3 Comments

Queering The Band: Marit Bergman, “Casey, Hold On.”

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

Eternally delightful Swedish singer Marit Bergman has become the newest entry into our Queering The Band series with her exclusive acoustic version of her song “Casey, Hold On.” The track was the official song of Stockholm Pride 2009, and its actually gives me goosebumps. Even if you weren’t kicked out of of the house as a gay teen (a sadly too-common phenomenon,) I think most of us can remember the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else where we would be accepted. The sentiment here is an important one for queer folk of all ages, which is to have patience and keep fighting to find that time or place when things will be better.

Marit recorded this acoustic version of the song exclusively for The New Gay, a fact which makes me extremely happy. Thanks, Marit! You’re the best. She was nice enough to also include an exclusive video interview where she answers a set of questions I emailed to her. Marit, for someone I’ve never met you sure are going out of your way to help me.

You can check out  the interview embedded below. If you still are hungry for more Marit, check out her her newest solo album, The Tear Collector, or 3 am. her mournful collaboration with Kleerup.

And seriously, Marit, I think we all can agree that you’re the cutest. Ever! 

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  • Rocky said:

    badass! love this, z!

  • Stefan Engkvist said:

    This is truly fantastic!

  • Stefan Engkvist said:

    I love, really LOVE, the minimilistic attidude! I really feel at home, when I listen to this!