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2 September 2009, 4:31 pm 2 Comments

Queering The Band: Chico Fellini vs. These United States

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen


DC-based rock band These United States plays stubbly, bangs-in-eyes, meat and potatoes rock that would make The Boss proud. It certainly does not lack for emotion, or goosebumps or any other hallmarks of subtletly, but that whole subset of modern rock is not always thought to be extremely queer-identified.

Enter The New Gay.

For our new feature “Queering The Band” we will be commissioning contemporary artists of all genres to “gay up.” This will happen either by having straight bands switch gender pronouns in their songs, cover some of the old gay classics, or do what These United States did here and have Chris Dennison, the gay frontman of glam rock revival band Chico Fellini, cover the song “We Go Down To That Corner” from the former’s new album Everything Touches Everything.

Christopher has been a long time friend of TUS’ frontman Jesse, and as such he was the band’s first choice for this project when we initially contacted them. We hope you take a listen to the song, or download it at the link below the player, and check out this feature in weeks to come.

Right click to download We Go Down To That Corner.

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