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Ask A Straight Guy: Free Energy’s Paul Spranger

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen


NYC label DFA records is best known for their flagship band LCD Soundsystem and several other high profile acts like The Rapture and The Juan MacLean. Their stock trade, however, is in DJ singles which are accomplished and energizing, but cannot necessarily be played in ones bedroom as they get dressed for work. That makes their new addition Free Energy all the more exciting. With an organic vibe more reminiscent of Big Star or The Strokes than anything you’d do coke to, it shows that DFA can branch out to other sounds without sacrificing an ear for quality.

Free Energy’s frontman Paul Spranger was nice enough to answer some of our questions about being straight. DC residents can check them out tonight at the Black Cat, and everyone else should check their tour schedule.

The New Gay: When did you first realize you were straight?

Paul Spranger: The first time I squeezed a pair of boobs. Although I was definitely turned on by busty cartoon characters earlier — like Alvin the chipmunk’s girlfriend or something.

Man, I wish I was squeezing some boobs right now.

TNG: What is your least favorite stereotype about straight people?

PS: We all clip cellphones to our belts and wear black socks in the nude.

TNG: What obligations, if any, do you feel that you have to the gay community?

PS: To try and make music that could be played at a gay disco in 1978.

TNG: What are the biggest challenges faced by a straight person in today’s culture?

PS: Finding good porn that everyone can get off on-regardless of orientation!

TNG: If you had to “go gay” for one member of the same sex, who would it be?

PS: Paul Rudd. That’s one fine-lookin man.

TNG: Given the seemingly endless number of “indie” artist in existence today, how do you think you set yourself apart from the crowd?

PS: By being honest! And inclusive. And by dreaming and playing and being free. FYI: free energy isn’t an indie artist-we’d like to play with kid rock and coldplay and Jon Mayer an shit.

TNG: Finally, why should Washington, DC come out and see you play tonight?

PS: Free bj’s with every ticket! And because we need more gay guys to come to our shows and show the straight guys how to dance. The ladies will thank you. They might even let you squeeze their boobs!TNG

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