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17 April 2009, 2:09 pm One Comment

Ask A Straight Girl: Thao Nguyen

This post was submitted by Zack Rosen

Thao Nguyen is the cutest girl in the world. Damn this sexuality of mine!

Thao Nguyen is the cutest girl in the world. Damn this sexuality of mine!

Thao Nguyen, the straight girl I have a crush on, will be playing with her band The Get Down Stay Down tonight on the mainstage of the Black Cat. Thao combines the little girl innocence of Lykke Li with the smoky world-weariness of Cat Power in some really cool ways. One of her songs, “Big Kid’s Table” laments feeling like “such a small kid at the big kids table” while another, “Swimming Pools,” advocates undergoing a number of unpleasantries to save them from befalling little girls. Of course, the lyrics would mean squat if their tempo and instrumentation wasn’t always exciting and memorable, and it is. Thao is one of the few artists that will actually make me gush. She definitely puts on a show worth checking out.

She was also nice enough to answer some of my questions about being straight, even if her answers suggest that she isn’t. Check out the full interview, and a Thao mixtape, below. (And Thao is touring the country for the next month, so those not in DC should check out her tour schedule and try to track her down.)

The New Gay: When did you first realize you were straight?

Thao Nguyen: T.B.A.

TNG: What is your least favorite stereotype about straight people?

TN: That we are straight.

TNG: What obligations, if any, do you feel that you have to the gay community?

TN: I feel I must acknowledge that gay people are, generally speaking, funnier, more self-sufficient, and better in crises and I should step aside and let them handle the business whenever it comes up. Also I want to give you a collective high five because sometimes the world is made of assholes and I commend how you weather them and let’s form a team and punch them in the throat. Can I be honest though? I don’t like giving high-fives.

TNG: What are the biggest challenges faced by a straight person in today’s culture?

TN: getting pregnant.

TNG: If you had to “go gay” for one member of the same sex, who would it be?

TN: Brah, how come I only get one? Winona Ryder in Reality Bites.

TNG: Given the seemingly endless number of “indie” artist in existence today, how do you think you set yourself apart from the crowd?

TNG: By concentrating very hard on being incredibly, entirely dependent. Thus far, the only snag I’ve hit is that the informal name for artists like me is “die”. [Ed. Note: I assume she meant "indie,'" but am not taking any chances.]

TNG: Finally, why should Washington, DC come out and see you play tonight?

TN: Because I grew up trapped in the suburbs 8 miles outside of D.C. and I’ve never seen what people who live in D.C. look like. TNG

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  • Sam said:

    Jealous of your interview with her.

    Seems so down to earth.

    And has quite a voice.