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12 February 2009, 6:30 am 8 Comments

Commentary: "The Sexist" on Phase 1′s Door Policy

This post was written by TNG co-founder Zack.

The Washington City Paper’s sex/gender blog The Sexist just put out an article on a subject of frequent debate here on TNG: Phase 1′s door policy. Largely enacted to keep military folk and gawkers out of DC’s first lesbian bar, the rule also is a source of umbrage to many male readers of this blog. Exactly why that is I’m not sure; I can’t imagine that too many gay guys are clamoring to go there for a drink. But The Sexist’s unfailingly lovely editor Amanda Hess does a good job of presenting the different points of view at play. She also gives TNG a shout-out and quotes me. Thanks, Amanda! Luddites can check out a hard copy of the article in today’s City Paper.

You can also read more about The Sexist in its TNG “Blog of The Week” write-up.

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  • What's good for the goose... said:

    Exactly why that is I’m not sure

    Please read “The New Colbalt” post.

  • What's good for the goose... said:

    Exactly why that is I’m not sure

    Please read “The New Colbalt” post.

  • Anonymous said:

    I can not believe TNG would support such a poorly researched absolute piece of crap article. Amanda Hess not only offended the Phase but the whole GLBTQ community. That article was embarrassing at best. But hey I’m glad you guys got a shout out. Right on. I also find it ironic that this is posted above what I am writing right now

    “We are doing our best to ensure that TNG is a safe community forum for everyone, including women, trans-folk, people of color and gay white men. We appreciate your cooperation.”

    …because that is all the Phase appeared to be trying to do.

  • KonFuzed said:

    Could someone explain to me how this article offended the whole GLBTQ community, or even any of the letters?

  • copp3rred said:

    The fact that the City Paper blogger don’t get why the Phase is entitled to its policy and the support of her is beyond me. The fact that many of your readers don’t either makes me wonder period. Are the TNG gay men dimmer than the old gays?

  • alex v said:

    I don’t know that gay men are “obvious” allies to lesbians. I think “obviously” they shouldn’t be homophobic. But I know my share of pretty darn sexist gay boys. I’m a boy and I’ve had conversations a-plenty where lesbians bore the brunt of jokes or criticisms. I don’t think gay boys’ heckling, or gawking, or mocking is unthinkable, even (or especially?) those who want to go to a lesbian bar without accompanying lesbians.

  • stephanie said:

    HOLD UP. can we all pause and remember one thing – GAY PEOPLE AREN’T EVEN ALLOWED IN THE MARINES! sheesh. maybe if they just didn’t tell that they were a marine when they got to the door, and no one ever happened to ask, they wouldn’t have this problem.

  • Anonymous said:

    Thanks TNG, for ignoring attacks against the dc lesbian community for the sake of a shallow “shout out” from an idiot reporter.

    I have had to deal with men coming into Phase who read this article and wish to hit on lesbians and ruin the place for everyone.

    Safe space, anyone? There may be Ellen and L Word on tv, but lesbians continue to be targets of homophobia. Now the one bar we have is open to all kinds of harassment, but that didn’t seem to cross any of the white gay male minds of TNG. Truly a shame. If you ever want to come by the Phase to apologize and understand a big part of the queer community in DC, you should come by. You were always welcomed there.