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12 September 2008, 8:06 pm 13 Comments

Civil Rights: Too Much Hate

Well, it’s happened again. This time near Be Bar. We are working with the victim of the Adams Morgan attack and other community activists to organize some anti-hate actions, including some sort of visibility campaign. Please email us at stophate@thenewgay.net if you’d like to get involved.

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  • Daniel said:

    Oh godamnit. Some days I feel comfortable to just go to BeBar wearing my kilt, and then walk from there to Nellie’s with a couple friends. And then one reads things like this and I feel perhaps in addition to the kilt I should carry a heavy stick. It’s ridiculous.

  • Miguel said:

    I say, let’s strike back! Clearly the police and other authorities in charge of protecting our integrity and our rights are not taking them seriously enough. So, in the best spirit of citizens living in a despotic regime, let’s take justice in our hands… let’s organize a gay vigilante group… who is game?

  • Anonymous said:

    This is starting to feel a lot like Queer as Folk when Justin was bashed and they started up a group..

  • Lee said:

    I’m buying a gun.

  • Anonymous said:

    I’ve been a licensed gun owner for years. Go to a firing range and learn to shoot with precision.

  • Sam said:

    Unless I’m mistaken, all this ballyhoo about getting a gun is fairly useless in DC, since the recent ruling only allows for possession inside of your home. Not only that, but having grown up with guns and taught to use them, I can tell you that they’re not the most reliable means of self defense — especially when dealing with multiple attackers.

    There are other alternatives, though. If you’re faced with an equal number of adversaries, self-defense training *might* help — but you generally need a lot of training, and if you’re not successful, setting yourself up for more severe retribution.

    Two easy ways to defend yourself against multiple attackers:

    Pepper spray foggers: get one with a high capsaicin content (10-15%), and make sure it’s a fogger. Foggers don’t require precise aim, and can hit lots of folks at once. This one has a high capsaicin content, broad dispersion, and a 20 foot range:


    Closest legal thing to bear spray that you can own in DC. Keep in mind that the registration law for DC only applies if you buy spray in the District. If it’s bought from elsewhere and shipped in, you don’t need to register.

    Additionally, a personal alarm is a great way to disorient attackers and draw attention. Make sure it’s got a high decibel rating (110+), and that it’s made to easily trigger without any complicated unlocking. Here’s a good example:


    Of the two, I’d recommend going with at least the alarm, and always travel in pairs or more. If you choose to use spray, keep in mind that in these situations, it is not as easy to respond as you might think, and that anything you use as a weapon can just as easily be used as a weapon against you. Your attackers always know what’s coming before you do.

    That said, give ‘em Hell — I’m all for putting the fear of God into these sewer rats to get them out of our neighborhoods and nightmares.

  • tableman-frames said:

    i certainly do not know the details, but the attacks lasted long enough to do substantial damage and others failed to intervene? that is particularly troubling.

    i dont think there is much that can be done about this, guns, training, etc… are not going to stop a motivated attacked and certainly not multiple.

    and, i mean no disrespect to those trying to work with the police, but, please give me a break. you are better off organizing a watch, escort, etc… kind of program and just pretend the cops dont exist, because they dont.

  • Anonymous said:

    Maybe we can get Black Kids or some other indy hipster band of the day to write us a montage song to play in the background as we gun these children down in the street.

  • ExUrbanHomo said:

    Re: Anonymous…

    That’s right you stupid faggots: insist upon your urban fantasy…and do not defend yourselves.

    Maybe “these children” can play just about any rap song in the background as they attack, kill or hospitalize gay men for no reason.

    I will D E F E N D myself against those who attack me by any means necessary.

  • Anonymous said:

    Bring on the mutual annihilation!

  • Sambo said:

    Get out!

  • Hephaestion said:

    White people moving into black neighorhoods need to make a special effort to get to know their new neighbors, especially the black neighbors. Simply being friendly and neighborly and helpful to your black neighbors can go a long way towards building alliances that can effectively squelch crime. Don’t let the first time you speak to your black neighbors be the day you call to complain about the parking problems which their church presents you.

  • Bob Callahan said:

    God ** N.Y. State Police doing it to me again . 1st they took sides with a KKK supporter in Schuylerville N.Y. by letting him and his gang do anything they wanted to me as i fought back . They had me arrested for assaulting them ! They had me run out of town by the police who told my lawyer that they would kill me if ” we ” .. didn’t get out .
    Well 15 years later they found us 35 miles west in Saratoga N.Y. ..Now they have ME..charged with stopping in a residential district and thus causing a car to slam into my rear end …Following to Close ..those are 2 tickets …they did a Harassment 2nd for yelling at the guy who hit me and a trespass for going to talk to the witness to see if he could help me . ( Not knowing it is a buddy of one of the polpigs .)
    YEAH…I wanna get involved and shoot a few .