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7 May 2008, 8:00 pm No Comments

What Is The New Gay???

TNG has grown considerably since its inception. What started almost a year ago as three guys talking outside of Sparky’s Coffee on 14th street has morphed into a site that is visited by many people every day. Since our most rapid growth has happened in the last couple of months, many of our new readers don’t really know what to make of us. To be honest, even our long-time readers struggle to define what goes on here. Thus, we wish to clarify what it is we’re trying to do with this site.

TNG is currently a small handful of people who write about their lives and interests, but we don’t speak with one voice. We are different people with varied interests, tastes and opinions. TNG is also you, being that we encourage you to post here as well.

While we have our differences, our common bond is that we choose to define ourselves instead of letting a narrowly defined mainstream gay culture do it for us. That is what’s new about what we’re doing here.

We all agree that the mainstream definition of “gay” isn’t just a sexual orientation, it’s a white male culture defined by consumerism, superficiality and anti-intellectualism. We don’t fit into this narrow matrix. We don’t want to. We choose to unplug. We choose the red pill.

This website is a forum where “new” gay men and women of all backgrounds can share stories, ideas and events. We hope this site will help us learn about each other’s lives and have meaningful interactions. If you don’t see yourself or your opinions represented here, you solve that problem by sending us something to post. The burden is on you to make this site truly representative of a broad new gay community based on diversity, compassion and self-reflection.

Here are our particular areas of focus:

-Ideas: We encourage members of the DC gay community to join our conversation by submitting their own new gay commentaries/stories/opinions/events for posting. We don’t necessarily need to agree with what you write because we don’t all agree with each other. All we ask is that you contribute to the conversation between people who are thinking. We are discussing our gay lives, trying to figure things out and establish our authenticity as best we can. It can be ugly, inspiring, critical, funny, frustrating or sad, but it’s usually interesting. We don’t always agree or understand one other, but we think the conversation is important. It’s an opportunity for all of us to grow.

-Events: TNG is a place to learn about and post events that fall outside of the gay mainstream. We define as mainstream those events that receive a great deal of gay press or take place at a few prominent gay bars. This doesn’t mean we won’t give any love to mainstream events or venues, but we have our preferences; these tend to be concerts, interesting parties, intellectual gatherings, unique performances, group activities or clubs, art shows and whatever else you can think of. We also throw monthly parties where we try to inspire male/female integration and create a friendly environment where gay people (and their straight friends) can drop pretension or social awkwardness and treat one another as people instead of objects. That’s the theory, anyway. We’re working on it.

TNG a place for people who are interested in a broad range of music, literature, films and art. We encourage you to submit reviews or essays of any of these topics.
Most of the TNG staff doesn’t listen to popular radio and many people think that makes us a hipster blog. You can call us a hipster blog if you want to but we do try to cover a wide base of musical tastes. If you have opinions on music that we don’t cover, please submit an album review or a concert preview.

TNG is meant to be a descriptive exploration of alternatives to the gay mainstream, not a prescriptive “new gay” culture. Please contribute to this effort by reading, commenting, contributing and attending. And last but not least, thinking.

The New Gay team.

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  • Anonymous said:

    glad to hear that there are others who feel the same way. I’ll definitely keep reading you guys and would love to submit some stuff soon.

  • blue180 said:

    thank god for this ! god bless!

  • Anonymous said:

    This site made me curious as I’m always somewhat skeptical by the “younger generation” of gays is up to. For a second I actually thought something new was brewing.

    Unfortunately, after reading only a few offerings, I realized that the same old diatribe that I’ve read elsewhere, about how awful the gay world is and that whatever this generation is offering, is far better than the old. Really kids…I mean..really. Is this what you mean by “new”. As far as I could tell…racism, agism, sexism, have been part and parcel characteristics of our community for years.

    What is it that we as a community is looking? New ways to meet people? I think there are gazillions of ways doing that. We just can’t expect it to be a la Harlequin novel. New forms for creative conversation and expression? Well, that’s entirely personal, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we promote individuality in our community? Hipper, trendier, settings in which everyone can feel welcome? Well..”Earth to TNG…” Reminder..this is the USA…home of racially and economically divided. And even, if hipper and trendy settings were to open, who among us will define what hip and trendy are? There will always be some of us that will feel “left out”, unwelcome, not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not buffed enough, not young enough, not stud enough, well just not enough. And most assuredly “TOO OLD” to fit in.

    For instance, read your own bar review and ratings. Why is it the 9:30 club is “Highly recommended” and the Bachelors Mill, gets only a mention? Why, some may even think these reviews to be somewhat preferential. Isn’t that what this site is trying to eliminate? Isn’t the idea that we should be thinking in a more inclusive way? Why not rate Bachelors Mill as “Highly recommended”? Hmmm..not hip enough, not indie enough…not white enough..not (fill in the blank) enough?

    Personally, I’ve been to Taint,Bachelors Mill, Guerilla Queer, Crack, Fuego, Liv, Cobalt, Omega, blah..blah..blah and have satisfactorily come to one conclusion: no matter whatever it is we, “the gay community” is searching for, bottom line is that we are all looking to get laid and have some fun. How ever one defines that.

    This site, like soooo many ites and rags, and generations before you profess to be the “new gays”, but in all honesty, are we all just looking for the same ol’ thing called….love? God forbid that we should just do that.



  • Travis said:

    I would define myself as a “new gay” but sadly stuck in the “fairy dust” world that is Orlando, Florida.

    *no I don’t work for the Mouse*

    Thanks for providing a site I can admire from afar and know that while I’m surrounded by “old gays” there are others like me out there…so until we change the world I’ll gaze at the stars knowing we aren’t alone.

  • <b>mattilda bernstein sycamore</b> said:

    Yay for more alternatives to the gay mainstream, especially within the nightmare of DC, help, DC!

    (I grew up there, by the way).

    Love –

  • David Banh said:

    Amen to what was said in the post. In reply to the Anonymous comment, this is what I see as what’s new, or at least what I want to see come through here.

    I want to see a community where everyone is accepting and open. This doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable request. Before I came out, I hung out almost exclusively with straight people, mostly guys, and I found all of them relatively accepting. When I talk to straight guys now, even when I’m pretty flamboyant around them, I find them relatively accepting. I find communities that are willing to open up and welcome new people quickly. Not so in the gay world. The gay world is incredibly cliquish. And it shouldn’t be this way. Why are we less welcoming and accepting than any given group, when at least here we share all share one common and very significant attribute.

    I’m not talking about perfect harmony. I’m not talking about a melting pot so thoroughly stirred that it is all one consistency. That is impossible, and moreover, undesirable and boring. I’m just talking about a community, where people are willing to give their fellow human being at least the time of day, the chance to make a first impression, and maybe a second, before deciding to disregard them.

    I for one, on a normal day, am willing to speak to whomever wants to talk to me, provided that show decent respect to my space, my person and my rights.

  • Anonymous said:

    To David B…

    I appreciate your desire for a the badly needed attitude adjustment in the gay community. If you’re in DC, “fuhgettabutit”, as they say in NYC.

    You will find that sort of place in NYC believe it or not. Albeit, probably not everywhere in NYC, but mostly.

    DC is cliquish historically, that’s one of the reasons why I left.

    This site is just another clique. I rarely come to this site, haven’t been here is a long while, but nothing is changed. Same tired superior ‘tude, and really offering nothing to address the isolationist, agist attitude in DC.

    I suggest you look at the “Join the Impact” site. There people of all orientation are discussing real issues and mobilizing to take real action to change communities and attitudes toward we gays. This site…not so much. I mean really, a review about show in which the plot involves the civil rights of vampires!?!? What is this fixation on vampires lately?

    Has anyone here heard of Prop 8. Thankfully, not all of us are “over the rainbow”, some of us are still working for human rights.

    I’m saying TNG is not fulfilling some sort of need, I guess if you’re in some denial and your life is limited to the Logan/Dupont circle NPR, acoustic guitar, oh so sensitive crowd…ok. I guess you found your place.

    Also not saying that we as a community cannot have fun. But when you profess to be “alternative” and put out the same yarn the Blade and Advocate offer, I beg to differ.

    There are so many issues we as a community need to care. Like unity within our community, for one. Yet most of the items on TNG, reminds me of adolescents striving to find self identification, by insisting just how different they are from everyone else – from the world! TNG…not really. We’re all just people.

    Before anyone says it..I know I have the right to read whatever blog or site I want to and am free to do so…you guys…lighten up. Explore!

    I have no connection to Join the Impact web site, other than submitting comments here and there. But it does seem less exclusive and more alternative than TNG professes to be. So David, and those who bother to read this…make the switch. Or at least, come and join the conversation. It’s actually fun.

  • Patrick said:

    yall i fee like I just found a big bag of money!

    Yay for new gays!

  • seth Macy said:

    Why haven’t any of the editors stood up to Anonymous? What the person is saying is bashing, it really is. And it all sounds bitter and skeptical until the end of the posts, when it turns into ‘I’m not trying to be a jerk, but…’

    The one point that I have to make about TNG is that it represents an idea, a goal. Let it be a potential. New gays aren’t born overnight…

  • the zak said:

    How widespread is the phenomenon?… of the strategy of “Let’s get tested TOGETHER BEFORE we have sex, for A VARIETY of STDs.” Sexual health checkups reduce ambiguity/risks and can be like anything else POTENTIAL sex partners do together.

  • alex v said:

    i was just going to say don’t forget about trans! (just bc in the “what is TNG” yall mention “new” gay men and women) but this disclaimer before the post mentions TNG being a safe space for “wom, trans, ppl of color, gay whites.” just wanted to rep the trans

    also, wanted to say I am super interested in learning of performances going on and dance things or crazy theater, or even events like classes and workshops, cuz im tryna get my performanceartthing on

  • Michael said:

    Hi, Alex V.

    Thanks for your comment. We’ve had some trans discussions on the site here before and definitely want to create a safe space for transfolk to share their ideas and experiences. I guess we, the site founders, are still looking for more education on how to be more trans-inclusive.