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31 January 2008, 6:15 pm No Comments

Media: The Triumphant Return of Pathetic Geek Stories!

Does anyone remember Pathetic Geek Stories? PGS was a cartoon that used to run in the back of The Onion AV Club that illustrated the most traumatic moments from its readers’ childhoods. Readers would send in their stories, cartoonist Maria Schneider would illustrate them, and gawky, 16 year-old me would read them compulsively every week to remind myself that things could at least be a little worse.

PGS disappeared for a couple years, thought its online archive stayed up, but it now appears that its active again. I signed up to receive their email updates (yes, I’m that much of a pathetic geek) and I was informed today that there is a new strip up on the website. I don’t know if that means we’ll be back to regular weekly postings, but I certainly hope so.

I sent Maria a request for an interview, but whether or not that pans out you should check out some of the classics, like a guy who wishes he was Jem, a really inopportune Freudian slip, or this surprisingly triumphant incident of lesbian revenge.

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  • Ben said:

    If only we could all be Jem.