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Washington DC: Saturday: Crack 5 — The Circus

Event Details: Saturday: Crack 5 -- The Circus - :

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Step right up and witness some of the most disturbing and irreverent performances ever to hit the “stage” in Washington! That’s right, it’s CRACK!, bringing its fifth installment your way this Saturday (February 2), to fill you with shock and surprise, awe and wonder!

Seriously, folks… DC’s favorite edgy drag queen and advice columnist, Summer Camp, and her troop of blasphemers are returning to DC9 this weekend with their interpretation of the circus. What’s in store? Lion tamers? Fat ladies? Circus peanuts? Well, there are only two ways to find out. The first is to show up at DC9 on Saturday at 8:30 PM, have a few drinks and take in the show. The second would be to ask Summer Camp and her alter ego Shea Van Horn what the team at CRACK have been up to lately. I did just that:

TNG Michael: I’m an old hat at Crack, attending all of them and actually performing in two of them. How would you describe Crack to someone who’s never been? How would you describe it to my mother?

Shea Van Horn: Crack is a seasonal variety show that features live performances, short videos, and audience participation games—all hosted by a potty-mouthed drag queen, named Summer Camp. This weekend, we’re mounting our fifth show called The Circus.

At each show, audience members can look forward to about 90 minutes of fast-paced, risqué, and mildly offensive performance. Our goal is to provide an entertaining feast that you can’t find anywhere else in DC.

Do you think your mother will come?

TNG: LOL, I doubt it. What’s the history of Crack? How long has this been going on?

SVH: Crack has changed since it debuted in June 2006. The first show was a talent contest with a $500 prize, and it was easy to find six performers who were eager to step onto the Crack stage. When we started recruiting performers for our second talent contest, we learned that some folks welcomed the competitive aspect of the show, but others were put off by it. We decided to remove the competitive element, and Crack became a variety show. The name of our show comes from the idea of providing a performance space to those who have fallen through the “cracks” of traditional performance venues. Of course, the name also has loads of fun double entendres.

TNG: What’s up with the circus theme? Are themes new to Crack?

SVH: Each show has a (loose) theme. For example, our second show was called the Second Sphincter and included a lot of scat humor and butt-jokes. The third show was a holiday show that mocked Christmas (and other wintry holidays), and our fourth show was a summer camp theme with tents, camp songs, and roasted marshmallows. Our fifth show is The Circus, and it’s packed with fun references to circuses like wild animals, clowns, ringmasters, sideshows, and other freaks!

TNG: A “loose” theme, huh? Hmm. Where’d you get the inspiration to put Crack together?

SVH: Perfect Storm? Chris Farris, Karl Jones, and I all had an interest in putting together some sort of performance event. Chris invited us over to his house in late December 2005. We sat around and talked about what “it” should be, and Crack was born.

Crack remains a collaborative process that allows us to be as creative as we want to be. I love working with those guys and all the other folks who have gotten involved.

TNG: What advice do you have for other people who aren’t finding DC’s nightlife satisfying?

SVH: Stay in? Lower their standards? I guess if you can’t find a scene in DC that meets your desires, start your own night.

TNG: What tips would you give someone who wanted to start their own night?

SVH: (silence. sound of fingernail scratching scalp.)

TNG: Um, okay… What does someone need to know to perform at Crack?

SVH: It’s really easy! Just send an email to info@crackdc.com and let us know that you’d like to perform in a variety show or get cast in one of our short videos. We’re also looking for folks who want to get involved as costume or set designers, video producers, etc. It’s pretty wide open; just let us know you’re interested.

TNG: What’s in store for Crack in 2008? Beyond?

SVH: If we don’t get arrested after this weekend’s show, I’d like to do another variety show in the fall—I love the idea of an all-live-singing show, produce a sequel to CrackTV that features Crack’s take on PBS, reality shows, and another episode of Los Flores Necessitan Agua; I also love the idea of mounting a play with Crack performers—maybe “Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.”

Questions for Summer:

TNG: What’s on your night stand?

Summer Camp: False eyelashes, poppers, and my dentures.

TNG: In the big ball game of life, what part do you play?

SC: Hotdog Taster

TNG: Advice for potential future performers?

SC: Don’t upstage me bitch!

Below is a teaser movie that Summer made to prome Crack 5: The Circus!

Crack 5, The Circus: Saturday Feb 2, 2008 @ DC9, 1940 9th St NW (@U), doors at 8:30 PM. Arrive on time. This Crack always gets PACKED.

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  • Zack said:

    Also, one of your TNG editors (OK, me) will be performing in it…possibly without his shirt or pants on. Come find me afterwards to say hi, its always nice to meet our readers.